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Fit Friday 5/24

A little late in the day...but how are your fitness goals going?

Re: Fit Friday 5/24

  • I haven’t been running as much as I would like because it is already way too hot outside. However I have kept ip
    with running or walking at least one mile every day. So that’s a start.
    I think next week I am going to try going to the gym to do some light weights and maybe the bike. Need to move my workouts indoors because TX summer is no joke 
  • I took most of this week off. Just feeling so sick. On Thursday, though, I got back to it. 2 mile jog, and then a 15 min. Nike Training Club app strength workout. I know I need to make myself move but it’s so hard right now!

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  • I went to spin class on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm really hoping I can keep up on my workouts this pregnancy! So far so good but it's still so early. First trimester exhaustion hasnt hit me yet.
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    I’m still recovering from a nasty broken foot I got at the end of March. I’ve been out of the boot for a couple weeks and just have a carbon fiber insert in my sneaker now, but I am still not cleared to run or jump, so I’m kinda cagey with being limited to bike and rower and weights. I kept working out until a few days before DD’s birth (I do CrossFit), so I am hoping to do the same with this little one. 

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  • I’m hoping to stick to my yoga asana practice but I’m terrified I’m going to move a certain way and all will be lost. Probably irrational but this is my first experience with being pregnant and I don’t want to cause any disruption. I’ve been avoiding twists altogether and also avoiding laying on the belly as much as possible and I’ve heard core exercises are not a good idea so I’m afraid to engage my abdominals too much, as well. I don’t want to live the next eight months in utter fear but I can’t seem to shake it. 😶
  • @daydreaminghufflepuff I definitely understand your fears. I didn't workout nearly as much with my son because I was worried about everything you just said. ❤
  • I really need to incorporate more weights into my workout. I've been doing mainly cardio for a few months with some strength here and there. It's just hard to find the time for both and I've been loving me some cardio.
  • @dumbledoredies I’ve been the same way. I run with DS in the stroller so it’s also just so much easier to do cardio than to get to the gym 

    @daydreaminghufflepuff have you been to see you OB yet? With DS mine was able to put my mind to ease about a lot of things...including exercises. A lot of it is a lot more common sense than it seems. When your belly doesn’t want you to bend, stop bending lol
  • @MrsJessS I haven’t yet- I have my first appointment for my confirmation blood work on Tuesday. Thank you for your reassurance. I look forward to conversing with my doctor about it. I’ll try not to worry too much before then. 😅
  • @daydreaminghufflepuff I was doing a lot of yoga when I got pregnant with S and found the conflicting recommendations and cautions so overwhelming that I just quit. In retrospect I think this is too bad-I struggle to see how something like upward dog could harm a baby the size of a blueberry that is super snug in there. I hope you’re able to get good info so you feel comfortable continuing your practice!

  • @daydreaminghufflepuff I did yoga my entire pregnancy with my daughter. I understand the fear if doing something wrong. I didn't have any complications and had been practicing before getting pregnant, so I didn't have any limitations from my OB. My yoga instructor gave me alternative poses for certain things. Otherwise, I did what I physically could. Certain deep twists and laying on my stomach poses were out, because the belly was in the way. But I did everything else without any issues. It's actually really good to do stretching/yoga during pregnancy! Which is why there are so many prenatal yoga classes.
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    @persnickity Glad to hear you were able to stick with it. My doctor encouraged me to keep at it today. I love it too much to give it up so I suppose I’ll be cautious but try to avoid being anxious. I’ve been practicing for five years and have a belly anyway so I have plenty of modifications for lunges and twists. Here’s hoping continued practice serves me throughout. 
  • @daydreaminghufflepuff I think it really helped me about a lot of aches and pains. 
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