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HCG levels low

Hey ladies! So, I’m 9dp5dt and I just got my beta results that I am pregnant! But my HCG is 40 and my RE said they usually like to see it between 50-75. I know they it doubling in 48 hours is what really matter but I’m driving myself crazy analyzing this. So, I was just wondering if anyone had some positive stories about low HCG levels that results in health pregnancies! Thanks so much ❤️

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  • Hi there. First, congratulations on a positive beta result! I'm still in the early stages, but my starting beta at 10dp5dt was 35 a few weeks ago. Then it doubled to 95 and then to over 200. I was freaking out as well because it was so low. My nurse told me the lowest she has seen a beta was 7 and it resulted in a healthy pregnancy. The numbers may also depend on a frozen vs fresh transfer, as well as natural vs medicated cycle. Fingers crossed your numbers continue to double! 
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    When are they doing a repeat? 

    Sending you tons of good vibes!
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