Baby # 2 was 4 wks early, how delayed is she??

Hi MoM' my girl # 2 was 4wks early( i was induced because she just wasnt gaining the weight like she was supposed to) well FF she's 7m's now however i do notice that she is i dont wanna say behind on milestones,but compared to her 4yr old sister ( and yes i know were not suppose to compare) i cant help but feel shes not where she sould be. Like sitting up without assistance/she can for few seconds and then shes leaning or with solids, shell eat baby food but DEFINITELY prefers her bottle ,and sleeping thru the night. Ugh she sometimes sleeps straight thru but 9x's/10 shes waking up atleast once between 5-6hrs after she went down. Just little things like this. Has anyone else experienced this,or can i get some insight on what to do or how to help!?  thanks 

Re: Baby # 2 was 4 wks early, how delayed is she??

  • Hi! Mine is 4.5 weeks early (due to crazy umbilical cord wrapping). She's only 3 months old now so you have more real world experience than I do. However, the hospital pediatricians said she would behave like a normal term baby in terms of milestones starting at 12 months but before that, we would be seeing some delays primarily in the physical milestones. So it sounds like your experience is probably normal. I can get my little one to sleep a little longer with cluster feeding before bed. I breastfeed her every hour from 6-9pm and then I give her a bottle to top it off and put her to bed.

    I wish I could help more! Hang in there!
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