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Hi all,
 I know several of you have used trigger shots. My doctor wants me to add a trigger shot with the clomid to see if that will shorten my cycles and help us reach that elusive BFP. However she said this via online message and didn’t give me much info about them. Would love to know more if anyone is willing to share experiences. 


Re: Trigger Shots

  • I used trigger shots for every IUI cycle so far - they’re not bad at all! The benefit as I understand it is that the shot can help you release more than one follicle and also ensures it happens at a certain time so that you can schedule the IUI when it will be most effective. IMO it beats tracking and trying to figure things out naturally. 

    In in terms of experience they should give you instructions before you do it and there’s tutorials online too - but basically giving yourself a shot ends up not being bad at all. Some use their significant others. I’ve always done it myself and after I line up the shot I look away which helps. I did it on chlomid cycles and didn’t notice any specific side effects etc. You’ll do great 
  • I found the trigger a non-event also. The before hand anxiety of the unknown was way worse. I'm not good with needles. I still have to look away for blood draw but I was more than able to do the trigger myself. The needle is super fine and barely felt and I think it helps that you're pinching where it goes in (one time in you're life you will be elated if you're not "bikini ready" as I was hahaha). I didn't have any side effects either. You won't be able to do your own POAS though as I think it lingers in your system and can give false positive readings so you have to wait for the scheduled blood draw 14-16 days afterward. 
    DH & I are on cycle 22 going through 1st round of medicated IUI & trying to wade through this new stage of our journey. 
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  • Thanks @optimism3 glad to hear they weren’t too bad. @hithertorue yeah that’s my big issue — I’m terrified of needles. Just the idea of it makes me feel sick. Glad to hear you didn’t find it too hard. LOL about body.. yep maybe I’ll finally be happy to have some
    of this extra fat.  Also dang re no POAS .... I wonder if my Dr will let me wait and see if AF shows up so I don’t have e to do a blood draw every time. Those are the worst! 

    Thank you both for the info!!
  • My trigger is injected in the back just above the butt so I always required DH's assistance. I could probably do it myself, but the needle is a bit long and I'm not sure how it would feel to do while I'm twisted to see my back.

    But yes, the needle may seem daunting, but it is thin (like 22 gauge or 25) and it just feels like a tiny pinch when it goes in
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  • You’ll do great @2dogsmom. I hate needles too and used to get light-headed at the sight of them but this has made me
    acclimate. If you really can’t do it enlist your partner. If you do it, the key is to line it up, then not look when you inject as said. Listening to tv, music or a podcast helped me too. Its over before you know it 
  • Thanks @optimism3 ... I told my hubby he has to do it so we will see. I cried at the thought of having to do it because I hate needles so much but I also know I’ll get over it. 
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