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Restless leg syndrome

Anyone else in here relate to the awfulness of RLS? I'm laying here in the middle of the night (at 35 weeks) and while my whole body wants to sleep, my legs just want to party it up. I know it's because I'm anemic so I was put on iron pills this week. I'm also going to pick up some sort of magnesium cream tomorrow to rub into my legs. Anyone have any foolproof ways to make your legs chill out? 😂🤦‍♀️

Re: Restless leg syndrome

  • tkbmamatkbmama member
    Get up and move around. I have RLS normally and its way worse during pregnancy. You can try stretching or I overload my calves bc that's where I get it. So I do a bunch of calf raises if it's bothering me, to the point it hurts. Or have your DH roll out your legs with a foam roller, it hurts but feels amazing. Also drink LOTS of water.
  • I also get RLS normally, but much worse during pregnancy. Strangely enough it has subsided in the last couple weeks (38+3 days now). 
    I use magnesium spray on my legs and if they’re really bad I use a peppermint moisturizer as well. 
    And yes, lots of water and stretching before bed :)
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  • My midwives recommend taking magnesium and calcium. Helped me alot 
  • I used to get RLS as a teenager and it's not a lot of fun. The other night I got the worst cramp ever-woke me right up and took a full minute to go away. I think the baby is pressing on everything, including nerves...  I have also heard that magnesium helps. Dehydration can bring on leg pain as well, apparently.
  • I've found calf massages seem to help as well as having a nice plush pillow between my knees at night
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