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To Party or Not to Party

So my Fiance wants to invite his friends to the hospital. And I am like, uhh no. That is not going to happen. I honestly think he believes that after delivery its going to be a party in the recovery room. Anyone planning a post-delivery party at the hospital? I am trying to figure out if it is normal or he is just super excited. (Just fyi it isn't happening, but it got me wondering)

Re: To Party or Not to Party

  • No party. In fact, I only plan on telling immediate family (who dont even love close by) that we had the baby while still in hospital. 
    Everyone can find out after that. 
  • tkbmamatkbmama member
    I agree with @sarah_is_pregnant. I'm on board with telling people after the baby is already born. 
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  • Oh man I agree with both @sarah_is_pregnant and @tkbmama ... 
    that sounds stressful! Was your fiancé disappointed when you said no or did he understand? 
  • jbm925jbm925 member
    No way.  I told only a few people when baby was born. Everyone else found out later that week. 
  • He understands. I think he is just super excited. 
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