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Formula Reccs

I plan on formula feeding my baby. Last time I had to switch to Enfamil Gentlease within the first week of my son being born because any other formula upset him so much. Do you think I should start this baby off with Gentlease right away? Or do you recommend a different brand?

Re: Formula Reccs

  • We like Gentlease but it doesn’t work for everyone. Just pick one to start with and go from there...unfortunately you won’t know if it doesn’t agree with baby until baby tries it for a bit. Highly recommend starting with the free sample!
  • My older boys (twins) did fine on the regular Enfamil but my youngest needed Gentlease. I agree with PP. Definitely try some samples before you commit. 
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  • key33key33 member
    Start with free samples, you never know until you start. Each baby is different. My first two had different needs and used different formulas.
  • Just remember, you are supposed to gradually transition different formulas, so if you do not have alot of free samples of one brand you need to have enough to slowly transition into a new formula.  A complete change without a gradual change can be rough on their stomach! 
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