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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself and give some history, as this seems like the right place to be. 

Apologies in advance for the sheer length of this post. 😳

I'm 33 and my partner is 35. We'll have been together for 5 years next month. In all that time, we've known the odds of my becoming pregnant were low, as I've had extremely irregular periods my entire life (with no diagnosis other than "amenhorrea" until recently).

We stopped using contraception about a year into our relationship simply because it felt better, but also because we knew (having discussed at length) that we wanted children together, and would be perfectly happy to let it happen if it did.

Unsurprisingly, the passive approach hasn't worked out for us, and because of my irregularity, we couldn't exactly take steps to improve our odds on our own. Still, we didn't really start *trying* if you will, until about 2 years ago (3 years in), when our living situation had improved and we felt as ready as we thought we'd ever be.

After about a year and a half of "actively trying" (the distinction is mostly a mindset, as the only thing we were doing differently was wishing and hoping 😅), we decided it was time to seek help.

Last year, I found a fantastic new GYN(!). My previous Dr. was actually terrible, seemed completely unconcerned with my lack of menses and was overall not positive or supportive in my care. I thought that was everyone's experience with GYNs, to be honest. My new doctor has changed my mind (she is amazing!).

After lots of testing and uncomfortable procedures (looking at you endometrial biopsy 😖), I was diagnosed with both PCOS and Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia.

The PCOS was not surprising, though for those of you who have it, I'm sure you know that it's not exactly the most helpful diagnosis, especially since it doesn't even necessarily mean the same thing for everybody. But overall, I wasn't too worried about this part, as my new doc assured me that it was not insurmountable.

The Hyperplasia dx was TERRIFYING, however. Essentially, my uterus wasn't (isn't) functioning properly, and doesn't shed its lining except for once or twice a year. This can be dangerous, as it a) causes *extremely* heavy periods that sometimes last for over a month (oh, hey, yes! I've been experiencing that my whole life. Not normal, you say? GREAT!), and b) it can lead to uterine cancer. In fact, the condition itself is considered a pre-cancerous condition.

Around October last year, my doctor told me there was a chance that I may already have uterine cancer (based on some abnormal cells obtained in biopsy), and if so, she would have to reccomend a hysterectomy.

I was 32 at the time (in my mind, I was older, but not too old for childbearing) and I desperately wanted to carry my partner's children.

The idea that I might have cancer was terrifying enough, but adding that I might have to give up the prospect of having children altogether was nightmare inducing.

I didn't take that news well. I became extremely depressed and anxious. I lost weight (which is actually a good thing as I am very overweight anyway--but that's another story). I cried all. the. time.

In December (just before the Holidays), I underwent a Hysteroscopy/DnC procedure. They found two questionable spots during the procedure, but after two excruciatingly long weeks, the results were good, and no cancer was detected.

My doctor put me on provera for three months to help keep my uterine lining in check, we repeated the endometrial biopsy with great results (no recurrance), and planned to wait another three months before starting to try to conceive with medicated assistance.

So that brings us to today. In exactly one month, we'll be trying femara to see if we can induce ovulation and try to time conception.

We're excited and terrified and hopeful and a little sad at times (I know some of you know what I mean).  I hope all of us having difficulty can find a happy ending and a beautiful beginning in due time.

Thanks for creating this space and letting me share.



Re: New to the Crew

  • Welcome @ase33

    Sounds like you have had quite the ride and so sorry for you and what you have endured to get to this point. 

    I hope joining the group can help give you a place to vent, and not feel alone on this crazy journey and be a source of comfort whenever you need it. I just joined also and have experienced all the above as I went through my first round of iui with letrozole (Femara) and injectable FSH. I get that feeling of excited/ terrified/ hopeful/sad, I think mostly all of us have gone through that huge swing. 

    Feel free to join in on our weekly chat thread. 😊
    Me: 36 DH: 37 // Married: 2015 // TTC#1 Since: 2017 // PAWrents to 2 dogs: 6 yo female shepherd-malamute & 1 yo male weim/heeler mix // Dx: Unexplained endometriosis & adenomyosis 12/2020 // Rx: 2019: IUIx6 & IVF Retrieval Result: Abnormal/High Mosaic Laparoscopy/Excision - Surgery Sep 2021, Round #2 IVF Retrieval with new clinic - 2022
  • @ase33 thanks for sharing... what a rollercoaster. :s:'( so sorry to hear you've been through all this in the past couple of years. Hope you join our weekly chat x
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  • Wow sounds like you’ve been through a lot recently. Glad things are moving in a positive direction for you. 
  • Welcome! I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Though it's great that you don't have cancer and can begin treatment! I've  heard good things about femara and it seems to be rather popular now. Good luck and I hope it works!
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