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Hi everyone!

I’m pregnant with my first and working on building my stash. I’ve gotten a bunch of covers second hand (mostly Applecheeks, some BumGenius and Rumparooz), but I don’t have any liners. 

I’m leaning towards bamboo, but they are so expensive and I’m looking for some expert advice. Is splurging on bamboo inserts worth it? Or do you have suggestions for other options?

I’m also wondering if it might be worth sewing my own? Out of fleece, maybe?

I also just heard about using flour sack towels. Has anyone tried this? With a booster, maybe?

I’m so lost. Help me, oh wise moms!

Re: Pocket diaper inserts

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    My fitteds are made with layers of bamboo and hemp. I haven't used cotton diapers, so I can't say whether they are better. But in general, yes, bamboo is more absorbent. Enough to be worth the cost, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    Sewing your own inserts would be insanely easy and fast, even if you have no sewing experience at all! I made my fitteds, and sewing the soaker part (which is essentially the same thing as an insert, it's just sewn to a diaper-shaped piece of fabric) was the easiest part. Just layer however many pieces of fabric you want together and then zig-zag stitch or serge the edges together (what I did). Or you can have just one larger piece of fabric, zig zag or serge the edges, and then fold it into thirds when you want to use it. 

    I most recently bought materials from They sell bamboo, hemp, cotton and microfiber. 
  • Bless you! I’m in Canada, and even with the exchange rate, I can get bamboo fleece on so much cheaper than buying bamboo inserts! I figure I can get 6 double layer inserts out of a yard (math is hard). So much cheaper! Thank you!!
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  • You're welcome!

    I know there are other sites that sell materials, too, I just haven't used them. There may be some Canada-based sites if you Google or ask around on diaper forums. 
  • @megmac2010 sorry for the delay response. Just wanted to say so far my 3 month old is in newborn covers still. So all I have used is those with flour sack towels. I change him everytime I feed him. Works well for us. I do have bamboo flats and prefolds for when he's bigger, just no experience with them yet.

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  • I want to say both of mine were around five months or so before we had to start using something other than flour sack towels. 🤔 Right around when we started giving water with foods is when it became a bigger issue. Change every two hours during the day anyway.
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