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Weekend Randoms 5/18

What are you up to this weekend?

Re: Weekend Randoms 5/18

  • Yesterday we went to the zoo which was super fun. And also a bajillion degrees. Today I “ran” a 5k (aka plenty of walking breaks) then jumped in the pool. Of course it’s way cooler out today so we didn’t last long in the pool, but we hit up Dunkin for breakfast after and that was great. 
    This evening we are grilling out and making s’mores. Then tomorrow we are just hanging out and probably going to see the Budweiser cyldeadales in the afternoon!

    All I actually want to do is sleep. 
  • I managed to hit the gym this morning for a workout, then DD had a swim lesson. On the couch now but will head outside soon since it’s finally a beautiful day! One of my friends is having a birthday dinner this evening at a Mexican place with amazing margaritas and cocktails, so I’m going to have to figure out how to stealthily get a mocktail without everyone noticing. 
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  • @MrsJessS sounds like a fun weekend! Glad
    you had a good time at the zoo. Did you end up telling your mil/sil? (I think you said they were going with)

    @EmilyE13 sounds like a nice weekend! Enjoy the birthday dinner tonight! 

    I bought a wooden playset for ds off of fb marketplace and picked it up today. It’s in really good condition, just needs a coat of paint. We got for only $100 and I’m so excited! I’m hoping the rest of the weekend will be low key. I do need to transplant my pepper plants into bigger pots, but other than that it should be relaxing. 
  • We did a bunch of yardwork today and my lower back is killing me. I don't know if I'm going to be able to move tomorrow. Luckily it's supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon and I think we are going to have a "movie night" with DS. 

    @kbrown2385 do you have any other plants? I just put together my first raised garden bed this past week and planted a slew of random veggies. I'm so excited to see what may or may not grow.
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    @MrsJessS oh I’m glad you told your mom too! 

    @dumbledoredies we are limited to containers unfortunately. We have bell peppers, butternut squash, tomatoes, and arugula. My friend let me plant some watermelon in her garden beds so we will see if that makes it. What did you plant? When we finally buy a house I want plenty of space for garden beds and composting. I love watching everything grow! They are like my little babies lol.

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  • @kbrown2385 this is my first time growing anything so I have some tomatoes, green peppers, peas, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, onions, brocolli, and I planted 1 cantaloupe plant that I'm not convinced is going to grow in the garden bed. I did a little bit of everything so I can see what grows well and what doesn't. I also have some strawberries planted in a pot. I already have 1 little tomatoe sprouting and I'm so excited! I cant wait for more to grow 😍
  • @dumbledoredies ooo I forgot we have a pot of strawberries too! You’ll have to keep me up to date with how everything is doing! My peppers and tomatoes just started flowering so I’m hoping we start seeing some soon. 
  • We had our daughter's 3rd birthday party yesterday!  We had a bunch of people over and told a few friends about me being pregnant.  I told my mom and grandma too, but we're saving telling my dad/stepmom and my husband's dad/mom for Father's Day.  Our friends who came down for the whole weekend just left so now we're watching Moana and just hanging out inside because it's supposed to storm the rest of the day. 

  • We spent yesterday doing yardwork. Planting our vegetable garden, flower gardens and new cherry trees. And also putting plants in pots that line the sidewalk. I'm excited with how much we were able to get done. We got sunburned and the wind didn't help the cold we are all fighting. So today we are hiding inside while it's raining. Having a lazy day.
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