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I'm 31 and DH is 37 and we've been trying for 16/17? months for our first child. We'll have been married for 5 years at the end of August. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in 2017 and had a laparoscopy done and a cyst removed from each ovary that were causing me a lot of pain. We started seeing an RE around 10 months in, due to my OBGYN advising us to be proactive cuz of the endo. There we were given the dx of unexplained fertility as all testing looked fine. We tried 2 medicated IUI's but both failed and after switching to a new RE are gearing up to start IVF. I'm still waiting on the old RE to transfer the rest of our medical records over so I can schedule a saline sonogram and then hopefully will get the schedule for when we can start treatment. My guess is egg retrieval will happen sometime in June or July. I'm excited to move forward but also feeling overwhelmed.

I've been an active member of the TTGP board for awhile and am looking forward to becoming a member of this board and getting to know everybody.  

Re: Introducing Myself

  • Welcome! Sorry that you find yourself here, but we’re glad you found us and are deciding to join the TTTC ladies! We have members who are at all different stages/treatments in their infertility journey, but all of us to some degree or another can relate to how much infertility sucks! I hope you find support here and feel free to jump into the weekly check-ins! I hope it doesn’t take long before all your files are transferred over to the new RE and that you don’t have to wait long for your saline sonagram! 
  • Welcome! I’m new as well but enjoying getting to know people here and sharing in the pains and frustration that comes with trouble trying to get pregnant. FX that your file transfers soon so you can move onto the next step! 
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  • Hi 👋🏻 littlered. 

    Endo Dx here too and also gearing up for IVF in next few months (waiting for insurance to cover). Good luck! 
  • Welcome! Thank you for introducing yourself and good luck, how exciting! Fx for you
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