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So I'm expecting my 2nd.  I was really sick with my first and after I got on Diclegis stayed on it the rest of my pregnancy. I've heard some people say that getting on it as early as possible makes the nausea less. Has anyone else found that to be true?

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  • I wouldn't start it until symptoms show and are bad, just because you had it 1st pregnancy doesnt mean you will have bad morning sickness the 2nd.  A doctor may not even poo prescribe it until needed. 
  • WSS. 
    I was sick for most of my first pregnancy but with my second I never got sick at all.  I know that's very anecdotal but I'd say wait it out and see how you are.  Every pregnancy is different.
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  • I agree with others.  With my first 3 pregnancies, I was horribly sick, every day I was pregnant.  I am pregnant again and 8 weeks, barely nauseous and have only gotten sick once.
  • I have the most extreme form of morning sickness. I’m 10 weeks and I’ve been sick for 8. Diclegis doesn’t even work for me. 
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