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The switch

Hello everyone!!!!
So my daughter has been on the similac soy formula said she was born due to a dairy allergy. Now that she 1 I've been advised to switch to regular soy milk. So far it has been a week and I have gradually introduced regular soy milk daily. Increasing the amount advised. I guess my question is have any of you ladies done this? Did you experience any rashes on your baby's bottom m due to the switch? Let me know thanks

Re: The switch

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    I did not experience this exact scenario, however I did switch my daughter to whole milk from the Enfamil Toddler Next Step formula that she was taking after we stopped nursing. I gradually replaced 1/2oz of the formula with whole milk every other day until she was completely switched over. Towards the end of the switch I did get over zealous one day and added 2oz of whole milk. She did get a little irritation but it cleared up overnight after I applied a mixture of A&D ointment and Desitin cream. That mixture works wonders!
    Hope this helps.
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