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Feeling sad

I have a large subchorionic hematoma and am 15 weeks. I’m wondering how other mamas are dealing with being high risk... like I want to be excited for this baby but I’m scared to get too excited so I’m not totally blindsided if something goes wrong... is that a bad way to look at it? Im feeling so sad. 

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  • Not sure if you are doing better, but I also had one with my twins and as they grew it "squeezed" out the hematoma. Hopefully, as your baby gets bigger it will be minimized like mine. Mine went away finally around 16wks but that is because I was already measuring so big. I measured 40wks at 25wks. I bled on and off for the 1st 16wks and it was torture!!
    Me: 43yo, DH: 46yo
    3 Daughters (singleton @27yo, ID Twins @34yo)
    Protein S Deficiency (Blood Clotting Disorder) - reason for 2 of my M/C's
    4 MC's:  Blighted Ovum-D&C @ 9wks;  Natural MC @ 7wks; Blighted Ovum-D&C @ 9wks; MC genetically normal boy-D&C @ 9wks
    Tubes were tied after my Twins. Remarried and want to give my DH a baby!
    IVF#1 June 2019 - ER 6/15/19, 24R, 21M, 20F, 7 6DBlasts Frozen for PGS Testing,
    RESULTS of PGS 4 abnormal girls,  2 abnormal boys, 1 indeterminate girl
    FET#1 August 23, 2019 (transferring 1 indeterminate girl & 1 abnormal boy)
  • Hope everything is OK now.
    Having had bleeding and continual problems with my hematoma I understand what you are feeling. Try and relax.

    One thing that helped me that might help you - I spoke to the sonographer and she basically explained it as this:
    When the embryo emplants itself to the wall of your uterus, sometimes it can do it with a bit of force. This is what's happened to you - It's done so leaving basically a bruise that has blood in it. 

    Another thing I found good was calling the midwives at the hospital and speaking to them, since they deal with this sort of thing all the time and are WOMEN so they understand stress and worry etc.
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  • Steph- I COMPLETELY understand you. I was just diagnosed with a very large subchorionic hemorrhage at 9wks. I saw a high risk specialist yesterday and he says the later the SCH presents in the pregnancy, the better for outcomes. He said almost all the ones that pop up after 12 weeks go on to complete successful pregnancies, so that is good news for you! I'm struggling with maintaining joy in my pregnancy while knowing I have complications too. 
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