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Vanishing twin or ectopic pregnancy...what were your beta HCG levels?

Hi everyone.  I’m 6w pregnant today after a FET.  We transferred two blasts.  My betas this pregnancy so far have been:

4w1d - 156
4w3d - 278 (58 hour doubling time)
4w5d - 518 (56 hour doubling time)
5w1d - 1377 (52 hour doubling time)
5w5d - 1619 (only up by <300 in 4 days 😨)

After this last beta, my RE basically said the two possible scenarios are either ectopic pregnancy or a vanishing twin.  We have an US tomorrow to find out what’s going on.  Has anybody experienced betas like this?  If so, what was the outcome?  If you have had an ectopic or a vanishing twin, were your betas similar?  I’ve just been a mess all weekend and I’ve been scouring the internet for good outcomes in situations like this.  I’m not having any pain or bleeding.

thanks for your input!

Re: Vanishing twin or ectopic pregnancy...what were your beta HCG levels?

  • I had a vanishing twin @ 8 weeks

    #1 304  9dp6dt
    #2 585 11dp6dt
    #3 2020 14dp6dt
    #5 5157 17dp6dt

    BUT our vanishing twin was later on -- 8 weeks. We had two sacs and heartbeats at the first scan so that's likely why it kept doubling. I think you'll know more if they do a scan.
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  • Thank you for your response.  My ultrasound showed nothing today, in the uterus or the tubes.  Just waiting for more bloodwork now to see if it’s resolving itself or continuing to grow somewhere and we just can’t see it yet.  But there should have been something visible on the ultrasound at 6w1d, so we were basically told there’s no chance of a viable pregnancy.
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    I had a vanishing twin too @ around 8wk. We saw 2 heartbeats at 7wk u/s and there was no heartbeat or fetal pole at 9wk u/s. But I didn't get HCG checks at that point. Before u/s, my HCG always more than tripled. 

    I'm no expert by any means, but I think with your HCG numbers they should see at least a sac. 
    Hope everything resolves in a good way.

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