2nd Trimester

Cramps @ 18 weeks

This is my third baby and don’t remember having cramps so bad at this stage with my other two. Is it normal? I woke up today with cramps mainly on my lower right side. 

Re: Cramps @ 18 weeks

  • It's certainly normal. Between 16 and 20 weeks, your uterus will be expanding 14 times in size -- and it isn't always consistent interval growth! Round ligament pain is what it's called. Typically, pregnant women describe it as similar to bad menstrual cramping or feeling of stretching pain. Mine has been a mixture of cramping and severe stretching when I stand too quickly. Really uncomfortable overall!

    If you find it really severe or single-sided, having a check-in at your OB couldn't hurt. Our bodies are complex systems and if you feel there may be something unusual going on, better safe than sorry for you and baby.

  • First pregnancy here...17 weeks and cramping today.  Was wondering the same thing! Thank you @letitbewild for describing RLP... I think that’s probably what I’m feeling!
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