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I currently have a soon to be 5 year old and I’m 43. I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the past 2 years. The first one was a blighted ovum (6 weeks) and I miscarried naturally. After that we went to fertility specialist and my fsh was around 20 and my amh was on the low side. The fertility specialist did a saline sonohysterogram and said I had some polyps that needed to be removed. So I ended up with a hysteroscopy. She said if I were to get pregnant, I have a 90% chance of miscarrying. Right after that after one menstrual cycle, I got pregnant with another blighted ovum (6 weeks) and I miscarried naturally. After that second miscarriage with one menstrual cycle, I got pregnant again. I went through acupuncture treatments because I wanted to have a baby. But at this 3rd one they saw 3 sacs which one showed a heartbeat one week and nothing the next. So I ended up miscarrying again naturally and I lost a lot of blood and I remember I kept passing out. I got the tissue tested and it came back as a 45x. So they can’t say if it was due to egg or sperm. After that they did another saline sonohysterogram and they weren’t sure if they found polyps or blood clot. So I had a hysteroscopy d&c and tissue came back normal with no polyps but they said it was showing as hormonal imbalance. We did another blood draw and fsh came back as 3. This is all confusing and I’m not sure if we should try to get pregnant again. If I go to the fertility specialist they have been pushing me to do donor eggs and now my Obgyn is saying it’s just rolling a dice. Anybody in a similar situation? Should I try to get pregnant again? I’m not certain. I have hesitations because I miscarried 3x.

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  • I’m so sorry for your loss.  Our stories are very similar ****TW-LC*** I have an almost 4 year.  I Delivered him at 40.  When he was 9 months old, I got pregnant again.  At 10 wks, I measured 10 wks but heart stopped they believe the day of my ultrasound.  Took 9 months and pregnant again but it was empty sac at 6w5d.  After four rounds of meds and IUI, I got pregnant again and same outcome as last.   RE basically said my best bet would be a donor egg.  IVF is something we won’t consider because of the cost.   My OB basically said same thing that donor egg would be best shot.  I will be 44 next month.  We are currently trying but I know that are chances are next to nothing.   I’m not sure for how long though.  It sucks being in this boat.   Again I’m sorry you find yourself here 
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    Sorry you had to go though all those treatments and to no avail. I chose not to go through any treatments and they are not even recommending Ivf anyway because I only have 5 eggs total....so I don’t have much for them to work with. Did they test your fsh? Both fertility specialist and maternal fetal medicine dr is saying because my fsh was high I was miscarrying. I don’t know how it went from 20 to now 3. It’s all confusing. I feel very perplexed.
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  • @dontwantaloss I’m sure it was done as I had a bunch of tests.  They told me everything looked normal for someone my age and I left it at that or I might have been more discouraged.  With medicine I would get 5 or 6 eggs so he said the hope was to find the one good egg.  With my last loss they tested it and it came back that two sperm fertilized the egg. It had one set of chromosomes from me and two from DH.  So RE said we could do IVF and inject one sperm into each egg.  I just didn’t want to spend the money and have the same outcome with a loss.   I considered donor egg for a minute until DH rejected that.  What are they saying now that FSH is now 3? 
  • @Mack2342 My Obgyn doesn’t want to redo blood for fsh because he said the insurance may not cover if the level already came back normal. He wants me to go back to fertility specialist so the fertility dr can request more blood test. I feel like I’m bouncing all over between ob, fertility dr, and maternal fetal medicine dr. I try to get my answers online through google because I feel I can’t get it from the drs since I’m flopping between them and the fertility dr keeps going back to donor eggs for me not to miscarry. Online I read that fsh could be a false negative and if E2 (estradiol hormone) is high then it could make the fsh level look normal. And I haven’t had that test. I’m not sure what to do. I feel it’s my last chance. Also my son will be going to kindergarten in the fall and I don’t want a huge gap between the age of the next child if I were to have one and my current. My ob told me I need to decide soon, but I’m so scared of miscarrying again. When I miscarried naturally before it took a good extra 6 to 8 weeks for the actual tissue to come out so the process was lengthy for me. 
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