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Anyone else getting super impatient?

I am 33 weeks and 2 days today and I am super impatient waiting for this baby girl to come into this world. I don't remember being impatient with my son. When I went into labor with my son I didn't even expect it. I was camping and came back early, my husband finally gave into having sex and when I got up to go to the bathroom I was bleeding all over. Went tothet hospital and they said I was 7cm dilated and they were going to break my water since they were so busy. 8 hrs of labor and 15 minutes of pusingp and my baby Hunter came into this world. All that makes me anxious about how this birth will go. Anyone else super inpatient and anxious about how this birth will go? Or any encouraging thoughts to help me be more patience?

Re: Anyone else getting super impatient?

  • @emzzz93 that sounds like a great labour and birth story! I hope this one goes as quickly as your last!
    I am 35w4d today and am (almost) ready to have this baby out of me. This is our first baby, so  we have no idea really of what to expect. 

    I dont really have any words to help with the waiting. 
  • also impatient. not nearly time yet but excited for this little her or she!
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  • I’m sooo impatient this time! My last pregnancy I was 10 days pass my due date in August and I wasn’t this ready. I’m only 35 weeks now and I can’t believe I still have 5-7 weeks left! I think maybe it’s because I had a horrible first labor (57 hours of labor , 3 hours pushing ) so I just want to get it over with. Also baby boy is already measuring 6lbs 1oz and his sister was just 7lbs when born so I’m feeling heavy and close. You’re not alone with the anxiousness! I don’t have anything encouraging to help, I just wanted to complain too, haha! 
  • I'm 31 weeks 1 day. I'm on the fence. Some days I can't wait for baby to be here and other days I'm almost sad because I know it is getting close and I really enjoy feeling her move and grow in my womb. My first came at 39 weeks on the dot and this time I am scheduled for a RCS at 39+1
  • I am new to the June moms group, not the Bump though. I'm 32 weeks and 3 days alone and am getting super impatient and my good days seem to be few and far between. I can be grumpy, my poor husband... I definitely am ready for June to get her just a few more weeks its sure gone fast in a way though 

    I was wondering has any of you received an email from FedEx stating a package is being shipped to you from Abbot Nutrition? I started to look in to it and it's like Similac sends free containers or formula. It kinda freaked me out because I havent signed up for anything. Just curious if this has happened to any of you guys. 
  • This is my last pregnancy so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can of it. Although I’ve had pelvic pain this time around unlike my others. It has gotten so bad that some days I can’t even manage walking. In some ways I’m just over it and done because I just want to be able to do more with my kids and workout like I was. On the flip side I just want to soak in as many of his little kicks as I can. What’s getting me through right now is wanting to enjoy my last pregnancy to the fullest and knowing he just needs a little more time to be perfectly healthy. I’m 34 weeks today so getting closer. As for the labor it helped me knowing that I knew a bit more what to expect. Of course every labor experience is different but your body knows more of what to do with each baby you have. Relax momma your almost there! 
  • wisehwiseh member
    I’m also super impatient but getting really nervous about actually having a baby to look after! My ultrasound today had baby already at 7lb 8oz at 34+6 and it has slowly been working it’s way down over the last week. Feeling a scraping sensation in my cervix, my pelvis feels very full, my vagina feels like it’s got a speculum in it slowly being opened and I’m feeling the feet pushing out lower and lower every day (currently approx half way between bottom of ribs & belly button). I hope this is all signs that babe will make an appearance in the next couple of weeks! 
  • ajbookajbook member
    I am so ready to be done with work and not be pregnant while also not at all ready for someone to take over at work and keep remembering how much harder an outside baby is than an inside baby. This is our last one too. Trying to keep that in mind without thinking too much. We are CERTAIN we don’t want a 4th, but it’s a bit depressing thinking about never feeling these baby movements again.
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  • jbm925jbm925 member
    @ajbook we are not quite certain, but probably won't have a 4th (financial and practical reasons), but it is kind of sad/bittersweet. I LOVE babies.... when I feel impatient I try to remind myself to enjoy every second because this time in my life will go by so fast!
  • tkbmamatkbmama member
    Everyone keeps telling me she's coming early. I keep saying shh I need my 4 more weeks! I can't wait to be able to do stuff on my own but I am not ready for her to be out in the world yet. I want to meet her but I also love being pregnant. 
  • 35+7 Some days I’m impatient and other days I’m embracing the wait and loving being pregnant!
    I’ve been having pelvic pain (gotta love SPD) for the last three weeks and just went off work as of yesterday... I’m bored already. I’m sure after one full week off of work I’ll be totally ready for baby to be here!
  • So impatient! This will be baby #3 and the first two had to be forcibly evicted. I would LOVE to go into labor all by myself at 37 weeks and not have to wait forever.
  • ash2206ash2206 member
    I received the same Similac box too. It was so weird. Now I don’t know what to do with it because I don’t plan on formula feeding 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • I received one yesterday as well. And I plan also to breastfeed. Not sure where my address was sent to in order to receive this!
  • You can donate them to a local food bank or something! 
  • @melissahittlet that’s true! I have a bag of other items to be donated for a new family!
  • I think sometimes when you register for baby stuff, your name gets put on a list. You should hold on to it just in case of emergency. With my son, I planned on breastfeeding and had to start supplementing by his 1st checkup b/c he wasn't putting on enough weight. Those samples were a lifesaver for me. 
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  • holidayemmaholidayemma member
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    I’m very ready at 34+6. I had severe preeclampsia with my first and had a 3lb girl at 32 weeks after 3 weeks in the hospital. Because of this I haven’t worked since mid Dec on advice from Consultant. Slowly been going bananas!! This boy is huge in contrast over double already - I didn’t go through labour last time so as nervous about that as a first timer!! I’m scared to go over 40 weeks as I think he will be a tank... 37/38 weeks would be nice. Having said that it is nice to have some time to myself with my daughter in childcare - I just need a bit of pressure to really finish off the bits I need to - still haven’t packed my bag!! 
  • Little late but YES! 37 weeks and 5 days and still not even dilated at all and I am just ready for him ti be here already 😩
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