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Baby girl #3

Due in August and have been struggling with a third girl name, but am finally starting to narrow down a list. My girls now are Nora and Rose. We like names that are classic and don’t need nicknames. Middle name will most likely be Dorothy (family name). Would love your thoughts on my current list and any other suggestions you have! Thanks!


Re: Baby girl #3

  • I like all three but would probably choose Julia. I feel like May and Claire are very popular. Adding Amy, Mara, Sarah, and Lauren
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  • Ellen Dorothy
    Faith Dorothy
    Grace Dorothy
    Lillian Dorothy
    Miriam Dorothy
    Quinn Dorothy
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  • I love the name Julia.
  • I like all 3 but prefer the spelling Claire. I do not think May is popular as a first name at all. You can’t go wrong but I’d lean toward Nora, Rose, and Claire Dorothy.



  • Julia is the only name I would consider, goes well with your others too. 
  • Thanks everyone! I had no idea May (as a first name) was popular anywhere!

    If we spelled it Clare, would you all imagine she’d have her name constantly misspelled? I really prefer that spelling, but do not want to have her spelling her name for the rest of her life either.

    Love Anna - how have I not considered that one yet?!
  • I think Claire is the default spelling for most people but Clare is also well-known enough. But yes I think she will have to correct spelling more often than most people. 

    May/Mae is very popular as a middle but I cannot think of any first name May/Mae that I have ever met (and I’m a teacher!!)
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    Claire Dorothy
    May Dorothy
    Marie Dorothy
    Etta Dorothy
    Joan Dorothy
    Jane Dorothy
    Julia is lovely, but too popular for me
    Juliet Dorothy?
  • I love May from your choices.  I hear it a lot as middle name but really love it as a first.  
    Also like PP suggestions of Anna.  
  • jenEPjenEP member
    I love the name Mae (prefer this spelling over the other)— I don’t think it’s too popular at all. I also love Juliet over Julia. 
  • jenEPjenEP member
    I just checked the social security website and May/May doesn’t seem to be common at all! 
  • I have been teaching high school for the past  nine years, and I have only have had one student named May. Not common at all where I live on the West coast. 
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