TTC After a Loss


Hi, everyone. I’ve been lurking since my loss but I figure I’d finally come out of hiding and introduce myself. I had a miscarriage at 8w4d on 3/14, only about 12 hrs after seeing a perfect baby on ultrasound. I was, and still am (as I know you all understand), heartbroken. My OB gave me the green light to try again and I just got my first AF last week. I don’t think I’m up to hardcore tracking yet, but hopefully it’s ok if I hang around anyway 🙂
TTC history in spoiler
Me: 31 Him: 37
Married: Oct 2015
Baby G born June 2017
TTC#2: July 2018
BFP #2: 2/6/19 MC 3/14/19
BFP#3 from IUI #2: 6/30/20 EDD 3/9/21

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