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Why My Pregnant Self is laughing

Ok, we're crying, we're eating, we're bitching - and all with reason! But sometimes, funny shit happens too :)

I figured this could be a dump thread for funny memes, goofy stories, SMH "only when pregnant" stuff - you know, whatever actually made us giggle.

Re: Why My Pregnant Self is laughing

  • Omg, I need this thread. I've had plenty of laugh attacks that may or may not be pregnancy-induced. I blame lack of sleep! :p 

    The latest one happened when DH texted me about using the bathroom at work and hearing "some dude playing a solo on a 3 octave fart kazoo." Cue silent convulsions at my desk :D:D:D 
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  • @indulgentgypsy keep this stuff coming! So funny  :D
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