DE cycle insurance coverage?

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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum.

 I am starting a donor cycle shortly. I know donor egg IVF is not usually covered with insurance, and we are paying a lot out of pocket for it. But I wanted to ask if anyone got any coverage for the frozen embryo transfer part with donor eggs? My insurance is saying they will cover it even with embryos from donor eggs but the doctors office is saying they wont authorize it because my FSH is not under 15. Which makes no sense to me because my FSH levels should be irrelevant in a donor cycle.

 I was just wondering if anyone had any insight regarding this. thanks for your help.

Re: DE cycle insurance coverage?

  • I don't have experience with this specific situation. But I have been told by my doctor's office that certain things likely would not be covered by my insurance that ended up being covered. We recently saved several thousand dollars on a procedure that we initially paid for out of pocket and then got reimbursed nearly all of it once our insurance approved it. The worst that can happen is that the insurance company doesn't cover it, I think it is always worth trying. 
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