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High HCG rising but not doubling

Hey ladies!

So I went in at 4 weeks 3 days based off lmp for my first HCG. It came back super high at 4990. My dr was out of town so went in again at 5 weeks 2 days for draw two. Got the results today and they are only at 10082. My dr called and said not to worry as they are rising and we will repeat again Monday to see where my numbers are. It took us 7 years to concieve this baby after our daughter. I had an ectopic prior to her birth and a MMC due to trisomy 12 over 3 years ago at 11 weeks. Has anyone been in this situation where high HCG is not doubling but baby turned out okay? I have just been crying all day 😢

Re: High HCG rising but not doubling

  • I have never been in this situation, but if I am not mistaken I think when you get to be around 5,000 to 10,000 it takes longer for the numbers to double. The numbers sound great to me for around 5 weeks. I know when I was around 5 weeks with my last pregnancy my numbers were not that high and TW- we lost that baby- TW. At this point in pregnancy it’s just a waiting game. Sorry you are having to worry about it. I hope you have a safe and happy pregnancy.
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