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New parts for 2nd-hand breast pump?

I bought my medela breast pump from a friend, and am wondering if I need to replace parts of it before I start to use it. Not because anything is super worn, but perhaps because parts of it cant be sterilized properly? I have no idea. 
Any help is appreciated. 

Re: New parts for 2nd-hand breast pump?

  • magpie87magpie87 member
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    I would definitely recommend replacing the parts because they can get worn out & not give you the proper amount of suction or a good seal, etc., and those are very important for making sure you're getting the most bang for your buck on your pumping sessions. 😊
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  • @magpie87 do you know which parts I should replace? Or does it depend on the general wear and tear of the machine? 
    I believe she only had it for 1 child, and possibly not even the whole time baby was being fed breast milk. 
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  • @sarah_is_pregnant I would recommend replacing all of the pump parts (breast shields, valves, membranes) & tubes.
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  • I would recommend replacing the tubing and membranes. The tubing is really hard to clean and sterilize properly, and the membranes (tiny white flaps) are crucial for proper suction and tend to deteriorate over time. I don't see the need to replace flanges and valves, unless they are damaged.
  • @magpie87 @marijaa333 thank you! I'll have to take it out and give it an inspection. 
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