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What to do with 6m+

So! I have wonderful twins who are so much fun! I'm staying home with them for at least their first birthday then I'll look back into work but even though I only work two or three months out of the year. So my question is...
What do you guys do with you babies most of the day!? We go to a local mom group on Wednesday and that's pretty much it. Being stuck inside most of the winter has really taken a toll on my mental wellness and staying home but on my phone most of the day is just as bad. I play with them and hang out and we try to get out for walks when it's nice but I am really strapped for ideas to keep us entertained without being plopped in front if the tv...  any and all Ideas welcome!

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    It’s really hard at that age! I would check your local library to see if they have some sort of story time for infants and toddlers. When mine were that little we went to Target A LOT and just walked around. I love being home with my kids, and it is better now that they’re a little older, but the baby phase can be very lonely. Hang in there!
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    cjx95cjx95 member
    @doodleoodle thanks! Unfortunately I live in a pretty small town so any story hours would be a haul but I'll definitely look into it to get us out more. 
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    Things to do inside: if you have a leftover metal lid from a pickle or olive jar you can slide it across the floor and let them crawl after it.
    dance parties
    bath time for fun
    finger painting with cool whip and food coloring (frame them and they make adorable gifts)
    Get a couple of left over plastic containers or boxes and them put small toys in and dump them out again until their heart is content

    Things to do outside: plop them in a walker, or something and blow bubbles.
    let them play in a kiddie pool
    Take a blanket outside for them to play on

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    cjx95cjx95 member
    those all sound great! They love dumping toys out of Tupperware! We do that mlm post of the day haha
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    Mine are 2 and 3 and are basically still doing different variations of that same game half the day lol it’s the little things
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    cjx95cjx95 member
    Oh good! I wont have to get too creative then haha
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    Little Gym, My Gym, workout classes for moms (stroller rides), if nice weather is happening then being outside. 

    That age is tough. Walking around the mall? Doing errands even with two kiddos is tough but gets you out. 
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