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  • @jandawg
    thank you for sharing your experience as it does seem similar. Did you have any symptoms at all in between all of this happening? Also did you have signs of O or AF after your first D&C in DEC?
  • Of course, and I'm sorry that you are going through this right now. 

    I only bled for about 3 days the first time and then had a second bleed a week later which might have been caused by resuming some physical excercise. The second time I had more bleeding initially. I didn't really notice any symptoms of O or AF and my HCG didn't go down until after the second procedure. I had a really difficult time with hormonal shift and started taking magnesium to balance my mood (which I think is working). I didnt track for O until after I'd had AF, but then I was able to get a positive OPK in the first cycle and was tracking CM and OPK for the second (CM was a better indicator since I seemed to have missed the surge this cycle). I've been using flo to track my cycle and all my symptoms now. It's good but I feel like I am a bit hyper aware of my body? 
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  • @jandawg Hi! Sorry for your loss in December. I feel you on not driving yrself nuts during the TWW! It's like--all we want is to hurry up & O & then it's like torture waiting after that. I really love pistachio... pudding! IDK why, but more than I love pistachio ice cream? Anyway, I hope your time with us at TTC is short, but know you have a good support group with TTCAL.
  • Thanks! I'm really appreciating the support here already. You folks rock.

    Pistachio pudding? Where do you get such a thing??
  • @jandawg I've only ever made it via a box! (Also, tip! if you hit @ & type ppl's names, it will give them a little notification so they know you're directing part of what you are saying to them.)
  • @kagesstarshroom oh and it even auto finds the name! The wonders of technology! I'll have to keep my eye out for that pudding .....

    @chichiphin thank you for sharing that! 
  • @kagesstarshroom now you're making me crave pistachio soft-serve ice cream! Or anything pistachio flavored. 
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    Hi friends, this is a follow-up to my post last week in TTCAL & IF threads that said:

    "I just learned about Locus Medicus in Greece, whose doctors do a free 30-minute consult by phone and everything else can be done via mail. I got an appointment just 36 HOURS later! I will update here with any helpful info."  They are specialists in Infertility & Repeat Pregnancy Loss, particularly if it has to do with unknown immunity issues.

    [*I am absolutely not getting paid or any kickback for sharing about their services.]

    UPDATE: I had my call with the doctor, Dr. V. (Dr. Panagiotis Venieratos)  He spent over ONE HOUR on the phone with me FOR FREE! I highly recommend anyone using their service if you have had repeat losses or have gotten no answers. The Dr. and his wife have dealt with RPL  themselves.  **TW for PG:
    They just had their 2nd healthy baby a couple of weeks ago after years of trying & treating for hidden infections.  Because they have a brand new baby the dr. might take a few days to send you the follow-up info to your call. END TW**

    What I really appreciated is that he had very similar thoughts about my repeat losses & possible causes as my new hematologist and new RE.  They are the only ones who didn't dismiss my concerns, so the fact that this doctor repeated the same things as these two brilliant people really builds my trust in him. I cannot encourage you enough to call him if you have unexplained RPL.

    1) You go online and select an appointment time.

    2) You can email a one-page history if you want.  You can also send any tests/bloodwork that you'd like the doctor to look over. (I sent mine only 6 hours in advance & he had reviewed my one-pager in detail by the time we talked.)

    3) You call them at your scheduled time using WhatsApp or Skype.  You can select the video option if you want.  I didn't.

    4) The doctor will take time to discuss your documents,  then will ask you lots of questions about your history, your partner's history, your family members' health histories, etc.

    5) The doctor may make recommendations for testing for you & maybe your SO.  He will write everything in an email so you can remember all the info.

    6) If you decide to order any of their tests online, they will ship you all the supplies you need to collect your own samples at home. Then you schedule their service to pick up your items for free and ship back to their lab.

    7) They will have results and any treatment recommendations ready to email to you within about one business week!

    **For details on the tests you can look at my more in-depth post in the IF thread:

    ***I am part of some private groups online: a few of the ladies there had repeat losses until working with this clinic to identify some hidden infections, got treated with antibiotics (and/or other things), and then were able to conceive healthy babies. Some of them have amazing IF stories of having never ever seen a positive pregnancy test in over a decade of trying, and then got their BFPs after treating with this clinic's recommendations. Some of those ended in CP/MC but the women still count it as getting closer since it's the first time they were ever able to conceive naturally.

  • My last resource upload for this weekend!😆 I’m always trying to cross-check everything with scientific info to make sure I’m not going down the BSC rabbit hole of TTC.

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