TTC after 35

New to the board after MC

Hi friends, 
My DH is 40 and I'm 36. We had been trying for 2 years to conceive our "love child" (he has 1 son and I have 2 sons from previous marriages). The doctor said I probably couldn't get PG on my own due to hormonal imbalance after 10 years of Mirena. We were completely shocked and ecstatic to learn on Valentine's Day '19 that we had indeed conceived, unassisted. Fast forward a few wks, 8 wk check ultrasound for dating- beautiful heartrate at 156 and a wiggly little bump. Go back for 12 wk visit to discover a silent miscarriage had occurred- TOTAL DEVASTATION! 
With both of us getting older, we want to get back at it asap but want to give it the ultimate very best chance of sticking should God decide to give me a second chance to become pregnant. Looking for any and all helpful tips to conceive yet again with hormones that may be totally jacked up. 

Prayers and Baby Dust to all!
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