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Maternity leave

Hey! How long are yall planning to take for maternity leave? 

Re: Maternity leave

  • We get 16 weeks, so I’ll do that and probably add on 1 week of vacation time
  • I'm self employed, so we've just saved up money for my time off. I'll take whatever time I can afford. I plan for about 4 months totally off, then returning part time for a few more months. 
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    We get only 3 months, so I'm taking all three months. I'm just worried about wasting maternity leave hanging around at home if the baby's late. 
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    We just get whatever sick time and vacation time we have built up. I'm planning to take off June-Oct and then work 2 days a week til the end of November. Then go back full time.
  • All of it, lol.  All of June through Mid-November. I can't wait for leave. Sitting/standing for prolonged periods at work is KILLING me. 
  • 15 weeks, 16 weeks if I can swing a week of vacation time
  • I only get sick and vacation time saved up as well so I’m hoping everything goes well so I can go back to work and not use it all :( pretty disappointing imo
  • I’m due the week after school gets out, so I’ll have 9ish weeks of summer. I plan to take 6+ more (unpaid).
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  • We get 12 weeks paid maternity, 3 weeks paid child bonding, and an additional 9 weeks unpaid. Unfortunately I can't afford the unpaid time. With DD1 I could, so I took 6 months off, but 15-16 weeks still isn't bad. My sister was only allowed 6 weeks so I am appreciative
  • I work for a school - kids get out June 14 and my last day is the 25th! I’m due the 27th. I will get my my normal “summer” time off of 4 weeks and then my maternity time will start when I would normally go back which is July 29. I can take 60 days which is non paid so I think that sets me at mid October. 
  • As of now, maternity leave will begin June 16th.....with my last work day June 13th so I am looking at 6 more weeks! 
  • maternity leave for me doesn't start until the day baby is born. I'll get 16 weeks paid leave. If my ob decides I have to go out prior to baby coming, that would be short term disability which would be paid. Right now my plan is to work until the Friday before Monday's c-section. 
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  • tkbmamatkbmama member
    My boss finally approved my leave. 4 more weeks and I'm out!
  • Wow some of you are very lucky with the paid leave u get. I only get 6 weeks paid and not even at 100%. I'm taking the 6 weeks and then get 3 weeks of work from home.
  • Canadian here so I have a ton of time available to me. My last day at work is the 7th and then I'm on vacation until the 15th. My actual leave will start after that. I get 15 weeks of maternity followed by 35 weeks of parental leave. There's been some changes to the law since I have my last baby and we could actually extend that time to 61 weeks but your payment amount is the same overall, just stretched into smaller payments and I don't think that's doable for us. 

  • I will be out starting next week until early October. My LO is fully engaged in my pelvis so I can't really walk well or work anymore so I am pushing through this last week and then I'm done
  • jbm925jbm925 member
    @BlondePeanut I hear ya!  I pushed through last week and am so glad to have some time to just focus on taking care of myself until LO is here!
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