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Increasing HCG levels and no heartbeat

I had an vf transfer on March 4th with 2 embroyos. I was told at 2 different doctors offices they saw 1 embroyo rake.
 On Monday I went in for a 7.5 week u/s. The dr said that the baby stopped growing at 6.5 weeks and had no heartbeat. At 6.5 weeks I had a rush of blood suddenly and then it stopped. Which made sense  as to that I miscarried.
However, 8 days ago,  after the blood rush I an HCG of 75k, then 5 days after then I had 104k and today I had 126k. My hcg is rising normally snce the ""miscarriage". Thoughts??

Could a 2nd baby be hiding behind the first and the doctors cant see it?  Could the baby get a heartbeat later?  Any other thoughts as to why this is happening?

The doctor says  the 2nd baby could be in my fallopian tubes....however could I have a viable baby possibly something that is being missed?

Re: Increasing HCG levels and no heartbeat

  • There are so many scenarios that could happen. What you need to do is have your doctor do another ultrasound to verify if the miscarriage happened, if it's also an ectopic, or if there was actually a second embryo that was successful. The blood rush could be anything from just a bit of spotting or cyst, to more serious issues. I've had a missed miscarriage and a ruptured ectopic. Both were very different. Both times a "blood rush" as you called it happened to signify something was up.

    I'm not a doctor, but HCG rising generally means that your body at least thinks it's pregnant. It's possible your body hasn't figured it out yet, and the "blood rush" was just a sign of things to come. Hence why I am suggesting you ask for an ultrasound to check for all options.
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  • a "blood rush" does not mean miscarriage. if they saw a baby and sac on US then you have a missed miscarriage where the baby is no longer viable but your body has not gotten that message. If you want to be sure I would go back in a week and get re-ultrasounded to make sure the baby is truly not viable. if not then you talk about your choices which are to wait for it to happen naturally but that can take weeks or months... pills like cytotec or a D&C. I'm sorry your going through this
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  • I’m so sorry you’re going through this. They should be able to see through imaging if you’re having an ectopic. Unless they have reason to believe your health is at risk, it’s completely fair to want to wait and get more imaging to be 100% certain before you do anything permanent. 
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