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How long does morning sickness last?

im 6 weeks 2 days and the morning sickness is awful. I can’t get out of bed, extremely nauseous, acid reflux, and can only eat tiny bites of carbs. I just want to lay here and cry most of the day. How long will this last? I have tried the sea bands, smelling rubbing alcohol, zantac, tums, peppermint, and  ginger chews. 

Re: How long does morning sickness last?

  • Depends. Some people get over it quickly. Others are miserable the entire time. If it gets too bad ask your doctor for other options to treat it. 
  • Mine lasted until I was 17 weeks. Could you get your doctor to prescribe Diclegis? That seemed to ease my vomiting to only once or twice a day. 
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  • holly321holly321 member
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    I had morning sickness for my entire pregnancy every time I was pregnant. 

    Zofran and eating small amounts all day helped.  and just vomiting instead of trying not to helped.
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  • alitsvetkovalitsvetkov member
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    At six weeks mine was the worst!! I had to completely stop working. I'm 10 weeks now and it's getting better. How are you feeling now?
  • Every pregnancy and person is different.  I had no nausea with my first pregnancy, moderate nausea weeks 6-9 in my second, and with this one I am 14 weeks and although it is getting less frequent, I still have nausea almost every other day.
  • I hope you are feeling better by now, or at least a little bit.
    Dont suffer though, you have to try Zofran, it saved my life during my first pregnancy. 
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