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Hematoma next to embryo

I am at 8 weeks 3 days and had my third ultrasound today. Pregnancy is progressing well, baby had a strong heartbeat, however, Dr pointed out a small pocket of blood next to the baby which he said could potentially cause a miscarriage (according to him about 15% chance). He also advised to take it really easy, no intercourse and no excersize, which will be very difficult for me as I am very active and used to exercising daily. This obviously has me very concerned and anxious. Dr. said that eventually if all goes well and the baby grows, the blood will either come out or be absorbed into my body. Has anyone else had this issue? Any tips on how to deal with anxiety been appointments?
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Re: Hematoma next to embryo

  • I have had and am currently having this issue. I'm currently on modified bedrest because I have 2 small SCH. I'm hoping mine get absorbed by my body by next week at my repeat US. 

    I had a large SCH with my last pregnancy and I lost the baby at 15 weeks. My SCH was large enough that it took up half my placenta. Then when it healed, and it did right before the baby passed away, it didn't heal right and the baby wasn't getting what it needed through the placenta. 
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    I literally plan to lay on my couch for a week and do as little as possible. I don't want to do anything that could make mine grow. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 I'm so sorry your dealing with SCH's again. Sending big hugs your way and hoping you get great news next week  <3<3
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  • @ruby696 she said they are very small so I'm hanging on to that. I was a complete emotional wreck yesterday. 😔
  • FX so hard for you @emeraldcity1214. Small is good. <3
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    @emeraldcity1214 I'm thinking all the best thoughts for you!!! <3

  • I have an SCH as well. Starting at 8 weeks, I began gushing blood to the point where I just knew the pregnancy was over. It turned out to be a 5cm SCH that in subsequent weeks dropped down to 2cm and I have now stopped bleeding and I am so hopeful that it is gone. I am 16 weeks now. Small is good! Rest as much as you can, drink a TON of water, take vitamin C (strengthens membranes), lay on your left side to promote good blood flow, and most importantly stay positive. The majority of these work out ok (sorry to hear that yours did not, @emeraldcity1214). No exercise and no sex for 2 months has been really tough for me but I would sacrifice anything for our rainbow baby. Also, once I was 10 weeks along I got a home doppler which really helped with my anxiety during my bleeds. Good luck! 

  • @leilee101 congrats on your positive outcome. I think the position of the SCH in relation to the placenta has a lot to do with the outcome of these. The majority of SCH don't always have a good outcome, especially when they are on the larger side. Smaller ones typically do. Also, you should be careful suggesting vitamin C during pregnancy. Large amounts can cause preterm labor and early in pregnancy it can cause a MC. Some people assume that since vitamin C is typically viewed as a good supplement that more is better. That is not the case here. 
  • @emeraldcity603 I wouldn't say majority don't have a good outcome. That's not really true. There are a lot of factors that go into the potential outcome. 

    I have had SCHs with each of my pregnancies (4). The first one was fine, he's a thriving 3yo. That was the only SCH that caused me any bleeding. The middle 2 were not successful, the losses were unrelated to the SCH. But I'm also 13wks into a pregnancy that had an SCH at 8wks. At 10 it was gone.
  • @prpl11butterfly I was specifically talking about the larger ones. Honestly I have known a ton of moms in different mom groups with good outcomes but I'm not sure what size SCH they had. I admit, I am a little sensitive about the whole thing. Unfortunately, it's just not something I can help right now. 
  • Baby Center has a really high traffic forum dedicated to SCHs.. I have found a ton of support and info on there if anyone else is interested: 
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