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Middle name help.

Well I'm in labor and in that lull after the epidural but before pushing, and figifig I'd solicit some help to pass the time. 

I need a middle name for Lawrence. Last name starts with b and ends in -er

Our other name options are

Percival Ian
Sebastian Edgar


Re: Middle name help.

  • Tawny87Tawny87 member
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    Love your name choices. Charles, Thomas and Alexander pop into my mind.
  • Is there anyone you’d like to honor?

    I’m really loving Sebastian Edgar though 😍

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  • mb0112mb0112 member
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    I like Lawrence for the first name.

    Lawrence Edgar could work

    Lawrence Henry
    Lawrence Edward
    Lawrence Oliver
    Lawrence Paul
    Lawrence Michael

    Good luck!
  • Lawrence is the only name I would use in your choices:
    Lawrence Edward
    Lawrence Jacob
    Lawrence Gerard
    Lawrence Wallace
    Lawrence William
  • I like a short middle for Lawrence, because it's so strong. 

    Lawrence Reid
    Lawrence James
    Lawrence Scott
    Lawrence Rush
  • Also good luck with everything! Let us know what you decide. :)
  • I love Sebastian Edgar.

    If you go with Lawrence, some suggestions for MNs:
  • nanner26nanner26 member
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    I’m late to this post so you’ve probably already decided. I hope you can let us know what you decided whenever things settle! Congrats! 

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for jumping back on in the midst of the newborn crazy time. :) 
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