TTC after 35

Having trouble making a decision

So I'm currently 34, turning 35 in November.  We are pulling the goalie in a few weeks, my husband goes in for a serious surgery which will require a few months of recovery so I thought why not deal with the nasty effects of getting off of birth control during those few months.  That being said, my current gynecologist no longer does OB so I need to find a new doctor.  It's led to two main decision points and I'm having a very difficult time making up my mind.  I'm hoping some women with experience can help me with things I may not be considering.

1. Most of the practices around me are multigroup practices. The way they operate is you rotate through each physician during your pregnancy and then you are delivered by whomever is on call when you go into labor.  I really don't love the idea of not knowing who will be there during labor, especially if I don't like one of the docs in the practice.  Is this actually a big deal?  The only doc I can seem to find who doesn't do this is a male, and while I have always had male GYNs, I feel like I may prefer a female for OB.  (of course, all the practices have female and male docs and again, I won't know which one delivers me)

2. The other main issue is which hospital.  So there are two groups and one private doc and they have admitting privileges at two local hospitals.  I am trying to get more info on the centers - both are fairly new (2016 and 2018), both hospitals have a NICU, both have private/semiprivate rooms and similar nurse to patient ratios. Neither is far from home but one is literally across the street. 

I'm very much struggling and wondering if anyone has any tips or advice to help me with making a decision.  Thank you!
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