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Hair in baby’s eyes...why y’all hate bangs?

So I’ve noticed that most of my parent friends with girl babies/toddlers do this thing where they let the child’s hair grow in front of her eyes, down to the nose, and then scoop it up in a barrette or a ponytail holder and stick it on top of her head. What’s up with that?!? Hasn’t anyone heard of bangs? Granted, I know people had “bangs” trauma as kids, but beauticians know how to make bangs look nice these days, and I know that as a kid, I wouldn’t have been able to stand hair in my eyes and probably would have hated clips.  So, are bangs really out-of-style, because at least for adults, it seems like they’re making a come-back?  Note: I get that it’s none of my business, but almost every girl-child I see has these awkward-long bangs in her eyes, and I’m just wondering. 

Re: Hair in baby’s eyes...why y’all hate bangs?

  • For my daughter, we use hair ties to keep the hair out of her eyes because she hates having any hair in her face. Even if it's not in her eyes, she's constantly brushing it away from her face. As soon as we pulled it back, she was happier. As she seems to have a preference, she won't have bangs.
  • A lot of people just told me not to cut my girls' curly baby hair. Maybe people are just reluctant for that reason, plus I think in some cultures you're not supposed to cut babies hair until at least a year. I didn't really care though, both of mine got little pixie cuts to keep it out of their face. 
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  • Some people try to make it grow long and for the meantime they put it to the side with a barette or hair tie .. I don’t think they do it on purpose to make their kids hair be in front of their eyes.. and some people do think bangs are out of style 🙈
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