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Weekend Randoms

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What's happening this weekend?

Re: Weekend Randoms

  • lmcwlmcw member
    Crib is being delivered tomorrow morning, we need to go get paint to re-do the navy walls in the nursery because they are NOT navy (says the pregnant lady, and no one can argue with me) and a few other bits and pieces to wrap up some almost complete projects around the house, and then all of our usual weekend stuff like laundry and groceries and church. 

    We might go to a movie tonight but I'm currently on the couch so...
  • I work tomorrow but after that I’m free til Monday. Nothing much going on besides groceries, making protein bars for the fiancé, cleaning my rats cage, and possibly altering two dresses I got from old navy. Haven’t decided if I’ll have enough energy to do any sewing. I have a bunch of projects I’ve been putting off too because I haven’t gotten the energy to do them. I’ve been wanting to crochet a blanket and I also have a lot of fabric to make those fleece tied blankets but that can wait til fall. 
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  • What are you guys doing about hemorrhoids?
  • @jlaprade418 praying I don’t get them this time around! Sorry! Those suck so bad!! I don’t even remember what I did I about them last time around. 
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  • FIL is coming over tomorrow morning to help DH run new electric in baby’s room. 

    We are on spring break this week (Dh and I both teach). Lots of projects around the house a baby sprinkle here next weekend. 
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  • Thanks! Other than that all is well! 😉
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @jlaprade418 I had a couple early on before I figure out how much fibre I needed in my pregnancy diet, read that salt water baths can help (either a full bath, or a sitz bath where you sit your butt in a small basin) and it either DID help or mine coincidentally went away within about a day. Maybe that will help?

    @ajbook Enjoy your week off! I have a list as long as my arm of stuff to get done, thankfully H is between job sites right now so he’s got a couple weeks at home to get some stuff done!

    I completely cleaned out and reorganized my kitchen yesterday. Apparently my version of nesting involves donating and throwing out stuff I no longer need or want and it is awesome!
  • @lmcw I’ve been doing major purges and it feels soooo good! Baby clothes, my clothes, kitchen cabinets, classroom storage. Nothing is safe!! Enjoy the extra space and organization 
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