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Name For Baby Girl #2

Hi ladies!
Our second baby girl is due at the end of May and we’re having trouble deciding on a name. Our first daughter’s name is Hadley Elizabeth and we have two names that we’ve narrowed it down to, although we’re also open to other suggestions too, but we don’t want anything with the same sounding ending as Hadley and no H names please 🙃 Also bonus point if it has an Irish/Celtic origin 🍀

Name For Baby Girl #2 42 votes

Sloane Frances
59% 25 votes
Calla Frances
40% 17 votes

Re: Name For Baby Girl #2

  • Saoirse (Ser-sha)
    Aiofe (Ee-fa)
  • Brígh (Bree)
    Brighid (Bridget)
    Naomh (Neve)
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  • Ciara Frances
    Maeve Frances
    Bridget Frances
    Erin Frances
    Orla Frances
    Claire Frances
    Colleen Frances
    Molly Frances
    Teagan Frances
    Siobhan Frances

    I like some of the other Irish names suggested but I wouldn’t do anything too adventurous with pronunciation especially with such a straightforward sibling name of Hadley.

  • Thanks for all of your input, ladies! 😀
  • Hadley Elizabeth + Delilah Victoria
  • I like Calla! Not a big fan of Sloane, sorry. It feels like it should be a reptile's name. 

    I like Calla though, or Calista. 

    I think if you're set on mn Frances, first name needs to be really elegant and feminine. 

    I like the suggestion Molly but you dont want another y ending. I think Hadley and Molly are cute together though. They go together but dont match. 

    Bria is one of my fav Irish names too. And Fiona, although Fiona Frances might be too much alliteration. I also like Delaney, Vanessa and Zaira...

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