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All Group Check-In: Week of March 24th

Due date/W+D: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Any appointments? Questions?: 


How are you feeling?: 

GTKY: Where was your last vacation? 

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Re: All Group Check-In: Week of March 24th

  • Due date/W+D:  June 21/ 27 & 4

    Baby is the size of a(n): as big as lettuce

    Any appointments? Questions?: Next appointment is in a week. My first 3rd trimester appointment! 

    Rants/Raves?: these weeks are flying by but also going soooo slow!

    How are you feeling?: I get little spurts of energy but I’m usually wanting to lay in bed all day. I’ve been taking advantage of free time for naps. 

    GTKY: Where was your last vacation? It’s been so long, I can’t even remember. We’re still trying to find time to take a quick babymoon but with my low energy, i’m not even motivated to plan it.

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  • @jacksonbears - Hope your appointment goes well! I feel you on my body just being sore all of the time now. lol
    @CaraDsoontobeA - sorry about your glucose test! I hope the next one Thursday goes much better. I hear a lot of people fail the 1 hr and pass the 3 hr. I have been wanting to try KT tape. I need to check it out fo rmy back issues. 

    Due date/W+D: June 21 27w+4 - so close to 3rd Tri

    Baby is the size of a(n): Lettuce

    Any appointments? Questions?: Just had one last week. I'm definitely wanting to do more research about KT Tape. I don't like that the support belt doesn't adjust well from sitting to standing. I feel like all I do is tug on it all day. 

    Rants/Raves?: It's getting so much harder to do things, like tie my shoes. I am grateful that I've been feeling better. 

    How are you feeling?: I've been so feisty this pregnancy. It must be the girl hormones but man am I easily fired up. lol

    GTKY: Where was your last vacation? Went to Vegas for a few days with our toddler. It was so nice to get away. 

    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • Due date/W+D: June 3/30w 1 d

    Baby is the size of a cucumber

    Any appointments? Questions? Nutritionist appointment next week and then finally have an appointment with my OB the following week. Haven't had an appointment since Feb 20 seems like forever.

    Rants/Raves: Maternity pants. I swear I can't find ones that stay up without me pulling on them all day. The jeans I have are constantly falling down, granted I've lost 7 lbs in the past month due to the GD like diet they have me on. Annoying. Raves, naps! 

    How are you feeling? A lot better this week. Last week I was exhausted all week and kept almost falling asleep in meetings. I'm also continuely hungry which is an odd feeling especially bc I eat every 2 hours.

    GTKY-Last vacation: Tahoe. We just went this weekend for DHs birthday/babymoon/honeymoon. We slept all weekend it was amazing. I felt so lazy but it felt so good just to relax and not worry about getting stuff done. 

    @CaraDsoontobeA Don't stress about your glucose test. My 1 hr was 163 and I cried all day at work when I found out the results. I took my 3 hour test and again failed the 1 hr test with a 225! But passed the others. Since I only failed one I don't have GD but I'm glucose intolerant. I've adjusted my diet since then and it was actually way easier than I thought. Hardest for me is cutting back on my fruit intake, I was eating a bowl of fruit with breakfast 😣. You'll be fine either way it's just a diet change and doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It's your body and hormones, nothing you did intentionally.
  • @tkbmama Thank you so much! I failed the first one with a 160, too. On the plus side, it would probably be good for me to be more mindful of what I eat for the rest of the pregnancy, and if it means less weight gain/less weight to lose later on, I’ll take it! Prepregnancy I was super active and ate really well, but I’ve definitely indulged a little during pregnancy.
  • @CaraDsoontobeA yeah I was super active before and still am. My doctor even said she can't tell me to be more active than I already am, so it's all about choosing smart food. 😁
  • @wiseh - thanks for the articles. I'm going to check them out for sure!

    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • Due date/W+D: June 30th/ 26+3

    Baby is the size of a(n): as tall as a mockingbird

    Any appointments? Questions?: Appt tomorrow for my 2nd 1-hr glucose test. Wonder if my dr will comment on my weight gain over the last month. I've gained about 6 lbs, but I think it's mostly fluid.

    Rants/Raves?: Rant. I really wish we weren't dealing with possibly having to move. The house we're living in was supposed to be a rent-to-own agreement. But I think the owners have been lying to us about how much they really still owe & now the bank wants to start pricing around 10k more than our approved loan amount. I'm so pissed that I'll be scrambling to find another house, pack & move before baby boy comes. 

    How are you feeling?: Tired & sore. I need to start taking walks now that the weather is decent.

    GTKY: Where was your last vacation? Qe went down to Florida last year for a wedding Labor Day weekend. Made it to the beach once while down there! 

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  • Due date/W+D: June 20th / 27+6; pretty much on the brink of the 3rd trimester! 

    Baby is the size of a(n): lettuce; weighs as much as a quart of milk. 

    Any appointments? Questions?: My rescheduled hematologist appointment is April 3rd and I don’t see my OB til April 17th.

    Rants/Raves?: Rant: Dealing with my fiancé and his mood swings lately due to his ex wife and son. Ex wife is pretty much being money hungry and wants her half of his tax return ASAP. It’s in their divorce agreement he has to pay her half of all his tax returns until half the house equity is paid to her. His son has been a handful lately and throwing fits when we don’t give into everything he wants. Also hasn’t been wanting to eat lately. Not sure if it’s because his mom, aunt and grandpa are all going on a diet or not. He’s been super picky with foods too. Pretty much telling us he’s a vegetarian but eats chicken nuggets and burgers. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Not sure if anyone has any tips on getting him to eat or his behavior. He’s going to be 6 in May.

    Rave: Definitely loving the warmer spring weather! I’m able to go out for walks without having to bundle up or worry about slipping on snow/ice. 

    How are you feeling?: Feeling okay overall. Been having body aches, left hip is still giving me dull pains here and there. 

    OB GTKY: Where was your last vacation? Last vacation would be the babymoon I took with the fiancé around Valentine’s Day to Vegas. It was kind of like a celebration of his birthday as well. It was only for 3 days and 2 nights but it was still a good get away for a while. Next vacation probably won’t be for a while but since we got roped into a timeshare presentation in Vegas we did get a voucher for 3 days and 2 nights in Vegas or Orlando which doesn’t expire til August 2020,so we might use that. 

    @jacksonbears Super jealous about the cruise! I’ve been on a couple before and they are a bunch of fun. Love being on the ocean and beaches. Although I do want to try one of those Alaskan cruises someday. 

    @tkbmama I have that same issue with my maternity jeans! I feel like I’m pulling them up multiple times in the day. My leggings however don’t do that so I’m just assuming it’s the fabric weighing it down. I don’t have any tips on keeping pants up though. I would love to know if anyone else had any ideas about that. 

    @wiseh I’m with you on not getting a good nights rest. I feel like I’m constantly tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. With my left hip giving me pains, I can’t lay on that side for very long but laying on my right side isn’t that comfortable. I’ve also been getting super warm at night and have to have a leg outside of my blanket. I can’t sleep without some sort of blanket (light or thick) so that’s a loss cause. 

  • @magpie87 Oh gosh that really sucks about the whole housing situation. That’s terrible that the owners have been lying to you guys. Bad on their part. I can’t imagine having to try and find a new place and packing being this late into the pregnancy. I hope you guys figure it out soon! 
  • @ami500 Thank you. 😊 I've been looking at to see what's for sale in our area & there isn't much currently in our range. I'm hoping that more listings get posted over the next month or so. I'm also planning to start getting rid of things now so that we have less to move if/when the time comes.
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  • Due date/W+D: June 7 (almost 30 weeks!!!!(

    Baby is the size of a(n): hand is the size of a golf ball

    Any appointments? Questions?: April 8

    Rants/Raves?: baby moves so much when my oldest (5) puts her hand on my belly. It makes her giggle so much and fills me with so much joy! She is already a great big sister and she can’t wait for her brother to be here!

    How are you feeling?: meh! Trying to enjoy the end of this. I know this is our last, but I’m so ready for it to be over. Work has been stressful and I could use a cocktail and a long run. Gatorade and a walk just aren’t giving me the same relief.

    GTKY: Where was your last vacation? We rented a house in Hocking Hills, OH with my parents, my siblings, and their families last summer. Nothing like 10 kids under 7 living together for a week :)

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  • @lmcw I think since she found out that I’m pregnant that she doesn’t think he would follow through, which is dumb. She’s been pestering him and found out it’s because she wants to pay off a credit card. 🙄 As for the child, they cater and let him have whatever he wants over at grandpa’s. If he doesn’t want to eat regular food but wants ice cream, they give him ice cream. He’s been a handful when we tell him what goes at grandpa’s doesn’t happen at dad’s. We have different rules. Had a friend say that he’s probably just testing limits but this has been going on for months now. It’s taking a toll on my fiancé because his son is now starting to say how he hates dad/being at dad’s house. Kids say the darnest things but it’s getting progressively worse each week. 
  • @lmcw Nope! The tape doesn’t hurt at all. I was worried about that too. I really like that I can put it where I need the most support too. Thanks for the well wishes on the 3-hour—I survived the test and will hopefully get good results tomorrow! 🤞🏼 My iron was low last week too, so depending on how my retest of that was today, I might have to take some iron supplements, too.

    @bubbaclose, I think the low iron is why I’ve been so tired too! I kept waiting for the magical second trimester energy spike, and it never came, haha.

    @wiseh That is good to know about the due date changing—I did read that the first ultrasound is the most accurate predictor of due date, so that makes sense. I think it’s just wishful thinking for me in hoping baby girl comes a little early (if she’s ready) so I can take a longer maternity leave.
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @ami500 🙄🙄🙄 that’s ridiculous! Without knowing anything about her or their relationship that sort of behaviour makes her seem incredibly petty and jealous, but it might really be fear that your fiancé will care more about the new baby than his son and based on what you post that seems like really irrational fear for her to have. People sometimes express themselves in the weirdest ways though, so maybe she’s feeling like she has to get herself in order before your baby comes because she doesn’t know what to expect after that. But she’s still acting a little bit crazy!! Sorry about his son, I can’t imagine how tough this is for you both to manage. He might just be playing a long game on boundaries, since it sounds like there’s different rules everywhere he goes and most kids do not handle that well!

    @CaraDsoontobeA Good to know about the tape! I need to look into that for sure. I don’t want to wear something all day if I can avoid it, to try and keep my muscles from getting hella lazy, but I’d like to have a thinner/less conspicuous option to wear under clothes if I want to go for a walk after work or I know I’m going to have a busy day where I’m up and around a lot or whatever. Hoping your get good results on your 3 hour 🤞🏻
  • wisehwiseh member

    Oh gosh @magpie87 that doesn’t sound fun at all! I hope you can at least stay in that house until bubs is a few months old and don’t have to join the others here in the house hunt/moving fiasco! Yes to decluttering though – you will feel SO much better for it! Good luck for your glucose test today!

    @ami500 I completely understand what you’re going through with your fiancé’s ex & his son. My fiancé was a step dad to a little boy (who believes that my partner is his bio dad) and he behaved exactly the same and so did his ex (though she blackmailed us for money due to my fiancé’s visa status). When I first met my fiancé his step son was 7 and would throw tantrums at the slightest thing, couldn’t even dress himself properly and only ate chicken nuggets, fish fingers & bacon. At his mum’s house she orders Uber Eats every night or just cooks cheapo sausages, so at least 5 nights a week he’ll have maccas. She also does absolutely everything for him, so this poor little boy literally didn’t know how to be a human. It caused soooo much contention between the two of us because I was trying to teach him how to do things for himself which often ended in tantrums, but my partner was happy just doing everything for him so there were no fights. We got him to a point where he was able to dress himself and started introducing new foods. The only thing that really worked on the food front was continual positive praise for doing the right thing, trying to punish him for doing the wrong thing didn’t work at all. I once got fed up and said if he didn’t eat his dinner he wouldn’t be allowed to watch TV or play Xbox for the whole weekend, thinking that he’s so technology addicted that it would make him eat his dinner. Little did I know that he is the most stubborn child and sat at the dinner table for 3 hours not eating, then went straight to bed and was OK with not watching TV the whole weekend. We have a friend that is a child psychologist and the one thing she told us was that if you make a threat or a promise, you have to stick with it. If you continually make empty threats or promises they will quickly learn that your word means nothing and will continue their bad behaviour. I felt absolutely terrible for making the threat when I realised he wasn’t going to eat his dinner at all, but I’d already made it so couldn’t back down. So back to what works – positive talk. Things like, “If you eat that piece of steak we will be SO proud of you!” “Oh my gosh you are doing an amazing job at eating that!” “If you eat all of your dinner you might get a little treat!” (sometimes he would get a treat, sometimes he wouldn’t – sounds horrible but you start it like you’re training a puppy with treats every time and then gradually wean the treats off). We got to a point where the deal was dinner, shower, teeth brushed & in PJs then could watch a movie until bedtime, which motivated him to get things done as quickly as possible. All of this doesn’t stop him continually asking to go back to his mum’s house and telling us how much he misses him mum. He literally says “my Mum is a really good person. I miss her!” It really makes us wonder what she says to him. Does she tell him that we don’t think she’s a good person? I’m not sure if I told you guys this but on our last visit with him on the drive back to his mum’s house we were explaining that we won’t see him for a while because we’re moving to Melbourne and his reply was “yeah I know. Mummy said I could go and visit you in Melbourne or I could go to Bali with her and I’m really sorry <partner’s name> but I’m going to go to Bali with Mummy!” My heart absolutely sank and it took all my strength to fight back anger tears. As for the hip pain – I am in the same boat with that too! I’m going to get a massage tomorrow I think :smile:

    Yay for passing GTT @bubbaclose . As for the sun – can you take Vit D supplements instead? If you go to a pharmacy they should be able to help you with pregnancy safe ones. Also, drink orange juice with your iron supplements as it helps the body absorb the iron :smile:

    @lmcw (and @Griffin5413 ) – not a problem with the links. I love procrastinating doing my actual job so I’ve been reading up on SO much stuff! Hahaha. Very Australian of my app to reference babe to a platypus :P And the nursery? Oh god, it’s even worse (if that was even possible)! We got our pram and car seat so they have been shoved in that room now too, and as I continue decluttering my old bedroom (the cupboards were bursting with stuff) I keep finding more of my sister’s stuff so I’ve been stacking that in piles in her room as well. She’s coming for the weekend tomorrow so mum and I are going to hanker down & get one of the bedrooms ready for her tonight, and then I have no doubt tomorrow will be an “all hands on deck” to get her wardrobe decluttered as well so I can use at least 2 shelves for my linen storage!

    I’ve also read that the earlier scans are the most accurate for dating @CaraDsoontobeA . My little human is measuring 5 weeks ahead by growth scan (I know they’re not overly accurate, but still that's pretty huge!) so I'm wishfully wanting it to come a little bit early so I can spend more time with it on mat leave. Haha. So selfish, aren’t we :P

  • @lmcw She’s been quite salty and bitter about the whole thing. At first she didn’t want me anywhere near their son until fiancé and I were in a relationship for about a year, but since we go out and do “family” activities, she was eventually fine with it. She didn’t think our relationship would last and that my fiancé would change his mind about the divorce and eventually take her back. I know his son is excited to be getting a little brother and he keeps on asking when June is then hugs and kisses my belly. So we aren’t too worried about him when the baby comes but we don’t know how his ex wife will react. Right now just trying to focus on our happiness and raising his son the way we want. Trying to stay firm on the rules. 

    @wiseh That honestly sounds so much alike. I want to teach my future step son how to care for himself and be a little bit more independent, but he doesn’t really listen to me. My fiancé has been trying to back me up on decisions and his son finally gives in. His mom also does the whole ordering food a lot. He used to ask for McDonald’s or other fast food but since we don’t do the whole fast food thing we got him those frozen chicken nuggets from the store, which he’s been content with. It’s the only thing he really eats and getting him to try new foods is a process for sure. We’ve been trying to go positive on how we word things but it gets shot down every time. The ironic thing is that my fiancé’s ex is a child psychiatrist but works mainly with kids from divorce. Yet her own child she can’t seem to help. We had a good routine going with bedtime, eating, etc until she found out that I was pregnant and then everything started going downhill. I’m sure she had a lot to say about it while the child was in her care. We never talk badly about the other parent while we have the child, because they hear everything. That and you aren’t supposed to talk badly about the other parent regardless on what kind of person they are. I know a handful of people that have step kids that hate them because their biological parent tells them bad things about the new step mom/dad. That’s absolutely heartbreaking and that he chose to just go with his mom. When we sell this house we are in, we aren’t moving from the area because we want to stay in my fiancé’s sons life. That and we are the only ones doing actual parenting for the poor child. Teaching him things that would benefit him in life. The hip pains I’ve been trying to stretch more and daily walking seemed to help a bit. Now that it’s warmer, I’m able to go outside and get some fresh air. 
  • wisehwiseh member
    Literally sounds exactly the same as my situation @ami500! I wasn't allowed to be around the step son until we had been "in a relationship" for a minimum of 6 months, but my partner was working 11:3 at the time and if he wanted to spend any time with me it meant cutting visits with his step son short. His ex is like "you're choosing her over X" and my fiance is like "Well you're making me. I can't develop a relationship with someone if I don't spend any time with them" and she eventually let me spend time with him. She also continually text my fiance saying how much she missed him, which he didn't think was an issue (cue angry response from me!). When my fiance told her I was pregnant she cried and kept going on about how fast everything is moving, then when we got engaged she told him "I know you're only doing this so you can get on her visa" and he was sooo angry because we tried everything for me to not sponsor him. 

    It really is so heartbreaking though. We're only moving for the 12 months of my maternity leave so wanted to maintain the relationship because we know that we're the only people doing any real parenting with him. All of those things we got him doing were completely lost in the 5 weeks we didn't see him between Christmas & my partner's Feb rnr. We even had a tantrum because he couldn't put socks on and he'd forgotten how to have a shower. He's really being set up to fail in life and it breaks both of our hearts, but my fiance's ex has made sure we're not able to maintain the relationship going forward. My fiance wanted to spend one last afternoon with him before we moved and when he asked she replied "you make no effort to keep in contact with us, I am removing you from the school pick-up list. You can call and say goodbye to him tonight". My partner tried to fight it but she'd made up her mind and there was nothing we could really do about it. Since she found out we were pregnant, every time my fiance would try to make contact she would ask him for money saying something like "you're still on my visa you know. I only need to make one phone call and you'll be deported". It has seriously been the most stressful thing to go through. 
  • @wiseh Exactly! My fiancé’s ex wife hated that he switched from 3rd shift (11pm-7:30am) to 1st shift (7am-3:30pm) so he could spend more time with me and his son. He used to be really crabby because of the lack of sleep but with the switch it was so much better for the relationship. It took a toll on the financial front but we were able to have his son for more days which helped reduce some of the child support he had to pay her. My fiancé was supposed to give her the copy of documents and the check she wanted last night, but she was late getting back home then texted him while we were just about to go to bed. He’s like I’ll give it to you next time since you weren’t there. She’s supposed to be at home when he drops off the child at her dad’s house but she’s rarely ever there. 

    That’s so petty of her to threaten to get him deported just because he wanted to see his ex step son. I feel bad for that child too. It’s heartbreaking to see one parent not do their job and then do everything in their power to get back at the other. My fiancé’s ex always leaves her child with her father or sister and does whatever she wants but then complains on social media that she’s focusing on caring for the child and herself because being a single mom is hard. Yes I understand being a single mom is hard but not when you push the child into someone else’s care because you can’t handle being an adult! The child is too dependent on someone doing everything for him that he can’t do things himself and can’t be in a room by himself. I’m like hoping when the baby comes that it’ll help with teaching him things. Granted it probably won’t be for a while but it’ll be a start. 
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @wiseh Glad you've got some help this weekend, but make sure you don't over do it! I have a huge list of stuff I want to get done this weekend since it's my last Saturday for a month with nothing planned, but H is trying to remind me that I also need to rest because it was my first week back at work and I need to take it easy. 
    Image result for im the captain now meme

    @ami500 Salty is putting it lightly...geeze! At least whatever she's saying at home doesn't seem to be sinking in for him if he's still so excited and invested in becoming a big brother :)

    Both of you ladies: I dated someone with a son for a while and it certainly didn't get as serious as either of your relationships, but I did get a good sense of some of the challenges of having a partner with a child from another relationship. It's not an easy thing to step into a parental role for a child who isn't your own, especially when they still have both of their bio parents in the picture, and it's not something that just anyone can do. I think you are both awesome for being so invested in your partners' kids and it sounds like you're both doing amazing at helping to raise them to be functional people while dealing with all the crazy that's coming from their mothers!!
  • Well this is late but anyway....
    Due date/W+D: June 14; 29+1

    Baby is the size of a(n): spaghetti noodle

    Any appointments? Questions?: had an apt yesterday. I’ve gained 17 lbs so far but nothing in the last 3 weeks, and my fundal height measured 24cm (so 5 weeks short). Doc ordered an US for the next visit in 2 weeks. I understand this is super common and as long as she is active and has a good hb I shouldn’t worry.... but it’s impossible not to worry


    How are you feeling?: tired and got a cold :(

    GTKY: Where was your last vacation? Real vacation was probably a couple years ago to Colorado. Although we’ve taken some weekend trips to see my family. I’m going with a gf to Destin for 4 days in a couple weeks though and absolutely CANNOT WAIT

  • Due date/W+D: /June 30. But I don't think I'll make that date. / 26+6

    Baby is the size of a(n): head of kale

    Any appointments? Questions?: 28 week appt coming up.  Should ask about my abs. Pretty sure I have diastasis recti. Uncomfortable....

    Rants/Raves?: so over work while pregnant. But I did pass my GTT. 

    How are you feeling?  Like an over inflated balloon. 

    GTKY: Where was your last vacation? :  North cali to see the grandparents, about a year ago. 

  • lmcwlmcw member
    @honeybeemarie My doc isn't even telling me my fundal height measurements; he measures, writes it down, doesn't mention it. I think as long as my weight and the baby's hb continue to be good he's not concerned. I think a few other ladies here have mentioned that their fundal height is small compared to their number of weeks and that it's a pretty inconsistent measurement. Sorry you're under the weather, that's the pits while pregnant :(

    @jbm925 I've been back at work for one week and am ready to be on mat leave. I feel you. 
  • Thanks @imcw! You’re totally right, I’m just gonna take this as an excuse to see her again at the US and try to see it positively. 

    I think we we all deserve pre-mat leave for at least a couple months! Waddling my way to and from the restroom 50x a day at work is just not fair 🤣 
  • Due date/W+D: June 25th, 27w 4d

    Baby is the size of a(n): As tall as a 3 hole punch!

    Any appointments? Questions? I had an appointment earlier this week and baby’s doing fine so far. 

    Rants/Raves?: It’s been a rough couple weeks. I tripped over a parking lot island last week at work and landed partially on my belly. It gave me quite a scare and I still have a sprained wrist but I got baby checked out the same day I fell and he’s all good. This week I got hit by the flu but it feels like I was hit by a truck! I can’t remember the last time I was this sick. It started as a tickle in my throat Tuesday night and I was down for the count by Wednesday. Fighting a fever while pregnant was so scary so I’m glad that part is done and I think I’m on the downhill of it now. They put me on Tamiflu which is supposedly safe to take. I still feel guilty about taking any pills because I’ve been trying not to take anything unless I REALLY have to but I keep telling myself that the benefits of taking the Tamiflu, Mucinex DM and Tylenol outweigh the risks. Rave? I’m just shy of 5’9’’ with a longer torso so I’m feeling pretty lucky that my bump doesn’t look like I’m hitting my third trimester next week! It’s still a very manageable size which I’m grateful for because it’s making everyday life a little easier, a little longer. 

    How are you feeling?: Been better! Interesting new symptom though that showed up last week. Almost every morning I have a “pre-milk” stain on my shirt from one boob the other. I guess they’re gearing up! I feel like I’m going through puberty all over again with all these unexpected body changes!

     GTKY: Where was your last vacation? Babymoon earlier this month in the Big Island of Hawaii. It was glorious! 
  • wisehwiseh member
    Haha yes @lmcw that meme is fabulous! We didn’t end up doing anything with the nursery but we did clear out other rooms in the house 😂 

    Fingers crossed for everything to be ok @honeybeemarie
  • @honeybeemarie I also had a small fundal measurement at my 28 week appt.  she didn’t say how small but she sent me for an ultrasound. It turns out the little guy is transverse which can throw off the measurement. He is measuring 52nd percentile. I hope your ultrasound goes well too!
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