Pregnant after a Loss

When will this get "fun"?

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I had a loss at 6 weeks last October. No cramping, no back pain, no spotting, no anything. I'm pregnant again now and want to be so excited, but everything is terrifying. I'll be 6 weeks this week based on hcg last Tuesday. I've had some pinching, minor back pain, and last night there was something reddish (I guess very little) on the toilet paper. I read that these things can be normal, but they don't feel normal. I haven't even gotten to go for my first appointment yet to know who to call when I have a concern. This is just not enjoyable at all right now. 

Re: When will this get "fun"?

  • @d-ecker98 Sorry for your loss. I struggled, but I would keep the mindset, "today I am pregnant." I would try to just be happy, because you do worry, but that will not change the outcome. Also, for concerns, call the office where you have an appt and tell the nurse your concerns. *tw I have had three losses, two were early mmc with no bleeding or symptoms. The other two I bled a lot ( due to hematomas) and one resulted in a loss not related to the bleeding and the other resulted in a beautiful baby boy. Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy.

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  • I understand your struggle. I would go into the doctor to get an ultrasound as soon as you can. I demanded to be seen at the first available appointment when I found out I was pregnant. I had my first ultrasound at 4 weeks. I dont have my next one until 11 weeks but I'm thinking of going in this week at 9 weeks just to go cause I had some blood at 6 weeks after sex and went to ER. It turned out to be a placenta hemorrhage. I ended up having 2 ultrasounds that week. One at the ER and one at the OB to follow up. I was told to stop sex for 2 weeks. The baby was ok but I spotted again this week. I want to be on top of everything... I may be overreacting but its not like they're seeing me for free. They make money for every appointment. If you want to put your mind at ease...go in.
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  • The title of this post made me giggle because people keep telling me to enjoy being pregnant and I just can't. I would love it to be fun but when your living in fear every time you go to the bathroom that you might see blood, it's not fun. I've had a MMC found at an ultrasound, an obvious loss that resulted in camping/bleeding and a chemical pregnancy so I know every way this can go wrong and it sucks. I couldn't even get behind the "today I am pregnant" mantra so I shortened it to "at this very moment I am pregnant". Because it's impossible to know what will happen at any point in the future. I am now 12 weeks, still nervous but starting to calm down a little, hoping it gets fun soon...
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