HDBD 3/20 — The Bump
June 2019 Moms

HDBD 3/20

Since it’s been about two weeks since we had one of these. Would love to see everyone’s progress so far! 

Re: HDBD 3/20

  • Belly is definitely getting rounder. Little guy has been kicking me all morning. He also rolled around a couple times which my fiancé finally got to feel. 
  • 26 weeks today!
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  • lmcwlmcw member
    H took this yesterday, 28+4 💙

  • Ya'll are so cute!   I have been so busy we haven't taken a bump pic lately (or at all now that I think of it)!.  I look almost full term anyway, hehe. If I take one this or next weekend (we have a wedding), I'll upload!
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