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Weaning my Toddler

Looking for advice on how to wean my LO, she is 21 months but nurses more often now that she ever did as a newborn. I planned to nurse until she is two like I did with my first born but she nurses much more often than he did at this age. He was only nursing in the morning and before nap/bed time. He had a pacifier and blanket that brought him comfort during the day. My daughter is only comforted by nursing. I don't really want to stop cold turkey, but need to transition her into finding comfort in another way. She eats plenty of solid food during the day so I know it is not a hunger issue. Has anyone else had this struggle? Any tips on how to handle this are much appreciated!!! 

Re: Weaning my Toddler

  • Can you start by eliminating one of the nursing sessions that is the "least" important? Just stop that one session, and instead of nursing, cuddle or redirect her. See how it goes with cutting out one session at a time.

    My daughter around 13-14 months drastically increased her night nursings. Like every hour she wanted to nurse. I ended up stopping those cold turkey, still nursing before bedtime, just not in the middle of the night. She asked to nurse one night, I gently told her no, and she didn't ask after that.
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