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2nd Trimester

Excess breast tissue in armpit?

I noticed a painful lump in my right armpit about 5 weeks ago, and had it ultrasounded today. The doctor confirmed it is excess or accessory breast tissue. I have read that this is very common, but that it may cause some issues or pain when my milk comes in and I start lactating/ breast feeding. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Re: Excess breast tissue in armpit?

  • Oh my gosh yes! I have this! This is my 3rd pregnancy and literally it's the worst. There is no way to relieve it either because you cant get the milk out. It has just has to sort of dry up or have surgery to get it out. Hot pads will be your friends and even though it hurts so so so bad massage it constantly so you don't get mastitis in your armpit. I feel ya though girl. 
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