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Difficulty sleeping for a 6 month old

I hope someone has some tips to help with sleep! Since around 4 months, my little guy has started having a lot of trouble sleeping, and majority of the time refuses naps. I know around this time sleep regression is normal and can take weeks to get back to normal. I figured the napping issue was mostly because mybwondermy  husband "got him on a nap schedule" by driving him several days a week afternoon went back to work. 
We moved just before 4 months and the problems started. He will have one or two good night's of sleep followed by up to a week or so where he'll be up every hour. I've wondered if it's possible it's just from teething,boe could it be something else. I'm typing this going on the day two of horrible sleep. 
I just don't know what to do. I got in trouble by my husband for holding him and crying. I'm so frustrated andntired, getting two or three hours of sleep a night is taking it's toll on me physically and mentally and spouse can't be bothered to help. He apparently did his share of the night time care the first two weeks he brought our boy home. I love my son, but i just don't know what to do to help him. 
The only thing that's worked in the past is nursing and rocking him to sleep, but half the time he will start screaming when I out him down, or he'll be up shortly after. He will lay there screaming and crying if I put him down awake. I try a mobile or the musical crib box thing we have, don't seem to make much of a difference. 
Recently have been trying to give him a teething ring before bed, again not much of a difference. For the times when he's been crying out in pain, I've tried tyenol. He has been waking up and wanting to stay up earlier and earlier it seems. We've gone from getting up between 7-8 am to 6-7, then sometimes even earlier m this had started before daylight savings too. I know he gets super crabby during the day too because he's so tired. I try to get him down for a nap in the morning at least two hours after he's gotten up, and before he gets overly tired. That still doesn't help. He will occasionally nap, like he did two days on a row for over an hour once a day. 
His pediatrician recommend leaving him in his crib and shutting the door. Sometimes will work, and sometimes not. I don't expect him to sleep all night every night. I just wamw this kiddo to get some better sleep so I can too! I'm sorry for the long post, I'm so tired and frustrated, and feel like a failure.

Re: Difficulty sleeping for a 6 month old

  • We’ve had a lot of luck with the gentle SWAP method in the book Precious Little Sleep. Sounds like he’s got some sleep associations it’s time to start moving away from. 
  • I'm in a similar boat. I hope your husband can give you some of the rest you need so you have the energy to try some more strategies. I've started trying Taking Cara Babies sleep advice. Good luck! 
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    I feel for you! We went through the 4-6 month sleep regression and only slept 1-3 hours at a time for almost 2 months. You need to speak to your husband because he needs to help out and be more supportive. Your son is a BABY and will have lots of bumps along the road.
  • I am feeling for you right now. My husband and I did the method where you time how often you go into check on the baby if he/she is crying and slowly move away from going in. So he can learn to self soothe. We have a sound machine, box fan, and shusher. For our son, the more noise the better.  It's good to stick with a routine and over time things will get better. It will also be important for your husband to be your teammate and on the same page.  You can also look up a sleep consultant who will work on a plan for you and your family. Look up everydaylovens on Instagram.  She gave me some quick advice. Stay positive!
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