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2 vessel cord, heart condition

24w. 2 vessel cord, heat condition,  ... and a resolved cyctic hygroma.  Hopefully the heart condition resolves too, which it might possibly. As of next week I'll start seeing the high risk OB for these issues.  I guess I'm not sure what to expect,  my job is physically demanding and very stressful but I don't want to be "that pregnant staff" who plays it up or plays the system. I'd like to do it all 100% until the day I go into labor, but I'm already realizing I shouldn't do certain things and am SO uncomfortable telling my boss I can't do it all 100% bc I've become known as a someone who can do it  all at work and I don't like not being able to. I'm trying to come to grips with it all but I'm an overachiever who's often taken advantage of and I've gotten used to that. Anyway,  I guess I'm busy not sure what to expect going forward now that I'm considered high risk. 

Re: 2 vessel cord, heart condition

  • I’m also dealing w high risk and 2 vessel cord and that’s not even all.. but this is what I wanna say : No, you can’t do it all!!!!  that’s ok. No one can - and you’re no better than anyone else. You have much more important priorities now than your own mental projections of what others might think. Take a mental emotional physical vacation in some form you’ve earned it and it sounds like that’s what’s best for you and you re family. Or re- frame WHAT ‘doing it all’ really means to you!!! Your health needs to be priority #1 my 2 vessel cord wasn’t an issue until suddenly it was - you deserve low stress and a high protein healthy lifestyle best of luck 
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