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refuses all solids

I was just wondering if any had a similar situation and could hopefully tell me it gets better! My son will be 1 year old in two weeks and hates almost all foods. The only things he will eat are baby oatmeal, puffs, hummus and cheese. I have been trying everything since he was 5 months old every day and he hates everything. He will not eat any purees, does not like fruit, meat, literally I have tried everything and he refuses. I went to feeding therapy and the suggestion was to cut up everything I eat for dinner and give to him on his high chair, which I have already been doing every day for 6 months! He was born at 36 weeks and is very tiny, but very healthy and has met all milestones. 

Just wanted words of encouragement or suggestions! 

Thank you!

Re: refuses all solids

  • Does he like yogurt? My pediatrician told me that most babies are like this around his age because they are still teething but yogurt is a good source for a meal since it has everything babies need like calcium. Also, it's totally normal for him to be extremely picky. I have a few friends that went through the same thing.

    Just keep being persistent and try different fruits and veggies and a mix of purees. There are baby puree recipe books that have yummy ones for them.

    Or try like a watermelon and strawberry puree and freeze some in popsicle molds. It will not only give him a serving of fruit, but the cold will help with his gums.

    Good luck!

  • What I suggest is, whatever you little one eats, add in some chia seeds in powder without him knowing.. there is lots of nutrients in there. And give it a bit of time. My nephew is turning 1 next month and he doesn’t eat little pieces and still eats purée . It’s normal 
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