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All Groups Check-In - Week of March 17

Due date/W+D: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Any appointments? Questions?: 


How are you feeling?: 

I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for?

Re: All Groups Check-In - Week of March 17

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  • lmcwlmcw member
    Due date/W+D: June 8/28+2 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Eggplant 🍆 

    Any appointments? Questions?: Nothing this week! 

    Rants/Raves?: Rant: I still have the tail end of H’s cold. And he was out of town for part of the weekend to go to a hockey game. He felt bad leaving me but really there was nothing he could do to make me less sick! So I told him to find some way to make it up to me lol I’m just grumpy because he was away part of this weekend for a guys trip and he’s away for almost a week next month for a golf trip, and with my surgery happening very suddenly we didn’t get a babymoon (for the record I hate that word, no idea why) so I’m annoyed that he’s getting 2 trips and we aren’t getting any time away by ourselves. He doesn’t go away like this a lot, it’s just been bad timing because I’ve been cooped up at home for weeks and we were hoping to take a week away together this winter before it stops being just the 2 of us!

    Rave: Contradictory to the above, we’re actually in Florida right now 🙈 It was sort of a last minute decision, I was cleared to travel and MIL/FIL/SIL and her kids are down here for an extended March break so we came down for a few days. Not exactly a babymoon since it’s more of a family vacation, but it’s definitely better than nothing!

    How are you feeling?: Reasonably good! Baby is happy and active, I’m way less uncomfortable from my surgery, and now that I have that band for sleeping I’m more comfortable at night too. If I could stop having to pee in the middle of the night that would be great, but I don’t see that happening...

    I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for? 

    1 - Large sleep shirts, sooo comfortable! I don’t care that I look schlumpy. 

    2 - Living close to an Ikea. This is a good thing and a bad thing 😬

    3 - That I should only have 10 weeks back at work before I start my mat leave!!

  • Due date/W+D: June 20th / 26+4

    Baby is the size of a(n): Kale and as long as a ping pong paddle 🏓 

    Any appointments? Questions?: I have both my hematologist and OB appointments on Wednesday. 

    Rants/Raves?: Excited for spring weather! I’m totally ready to put away the boots and the winter coat and trade it in for some cute spring outfits. I’ve also getting over the sickness I had last week so there is that to rave about. Still got a hoarse throat but with time it should heal up. I did spend my time off binge watching Netflix shows like Yummy Mummies and Working Moms. 

    How are you feeling?: Feeling okay this week. Little one has been on my left side since the beginning and I can’t lay on my left side anymore. Left hip kinda started hurting and the lower back pains are real. Other than that he’s been quite active still.

    I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for?

    I am thankful for my fiancé for being completely understanding and dealing with my pregnant self this whole time. I have been giving him lots of sass and attitude lately because of how terrible I’ve been feeling. He just tells me it’s okay and that he doesn’t mind “taking one for the team”. 

    I too love wearing larger tshirts to sleep. They really are comfy.

  • @lmcw I read a tip somewhere to drink more water/liquids in the beginning of the day so you don’t have to pee so much at night. It kinda worked for me, although there are days where I do get up at least once a night. Especially if the little one is having a dance party and kicking my bladder. 
  • Loving hearing how supportive all your DHs are being! And the chiropractor relief is so real! 

    @imcw I’m sorry to hear about you two not getting your time away. The same thing happened with our schedules and it’s so frustrating. I hope you are at least able to soak up some warmth and sun in FL for this trip! 
  • Due date/W+D: June 30/25+2

    Baby is the size of a(n): Head of Cauliflower

    Any appointments? Questions?: 2nd Glucose test next Thursday 

    Rants/Raves?: Just excited for some nice weather & a more chances to take walks.

    How are you feeling?: Tired & sore. My hips hurt in the morning from having to sleep on my sides & our mattress sucks. Thinking about getting a memory foam mattress soon. 

    I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for?  My husband & our girls. Baby kicks. Warm, sunny weather. Amazon & Walmart shipping stuff to my door!

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  • @magpie87 yes to amazon delivery, and a shout out to Target! 
    @jbm925 feel better! 
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  • lmcwlmcw member
    @honeybeemarie YES to naps...I'm back to work next week and am already planning for an afternoon nap when I get home each day lol And I'm just being crusty about not getting a vacation this winter, especially since it would be our last one as just us. To be fair, my in-laws own a place in Florida so I'll be down here a fair bit next winter, and there have already been several grandkids on H's side of the family so there's baby gear down here which will make it easier to visit. It absolutely poured here yesterday but it's looking nicer today. All I needed was to just be out of my house for a few days and be able to sit outside and go run an errand without needing snow boots and my coat (Toronto mama) and thankfully the weather should be turning around later this week! 

    @ami500 I hope you're feeling better! Being sick while pregnant is the worst. Our guy has a dance party as soon as I lie down in bed, but thankfully he doesn't seem to be using my bladder as a kick toy...yet. The problem I'm having is that I take my vitamins and a couple other meds at night before bed, so I'm drinking then anyways. It's better lately, I think that right after my surgery any pressure from my bladder was way more noticeable, plus I was waking up a lot more due to discomfort and then realizing I needed to pee. But I'm just considering it early training for not getting to sleep through the night once baby shows up lol

    @tickledpink123 @jacksonbears Still sending good vibes for the moves/moving in! With the amount of stuff I've been ordering online (this is what happens when I get stuck at home...) and all of the boxes from the Ikea furniture for the nursery plus some furniture we just inherited from a family member my house looks like I may as well have moved recently too!!

    @ajel46 @CaraDsoontobeA @jacksonbears Seems like we have a lot of active babies! Mine has recently taken to stretching and I love seeing his little feet (I assume) moving across my stomach. I can poke them now and he'll kick back which never fails to make me laugh  <3

    @jbm925 Take a look at the bump app or the weekly pregnancy tracker on the site if you want to see the fruit or veggie that your baby compares to in size each week! The app also gives you an extra measurement comparison every day and some of them are funny; like today my baby is apparently as tall as a can of Pringles, and yesterday his big toe was the size of a chocolate chip. And take care of that fever...have you been to the doctor since you've been sick??

    @magpie87 Amazon delivery for the win! I signed up for Prime back at Christmas (finally...why did I wait?) and have had so many bits and pieces delivered over the last few weeks! To be fair I order as much as I can from Amazon over Walmart, since Amazon is on Ebates and yes I WOULD like cash back on things I need to purchase thank you very much!
  • @lmcw Cash back is always a bonus! I usually order from only when they have a better price on something I need. Otherwise I like to use Amazon because I get cash back with my Amazon card 😉
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  • lmcwlmcw member
    @magpie87 I’m obsessed lol it took me a while to remember, but now I always go through Ebates first because I want some of that money back!! I love that there are a bunch of kids clothing stores on there, this kid is going to keep needing clothes so if I can get some money back I’ll be happy 😊 
  • @lmcw yes she’s so active but she’s mostly kciking and jabbing. 1 time she had a big stretch that i could see across my belly, it was so cute. I can’t wait to SEE her movements more often. Lol
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @ajel46 Getting to see him moving is my favourite! His movements have become a lot more visible in the last few weeks. Sometimes it’s really weird and makes me feel like there’s an alien in my stomach, but most of the time it’s just so fun to see him moving around and stretching. I love that I can sort of play with him now and get him to react when I push back, so something to look forward to!

    @ami500 Congrats on no GD! I haven’t heard back about mine yet, but I forgot to ask how long it would take for my OB to get the results. He said he’d only call if there was a problem, and I have a regular checkup with him next week so I guess I’ll know then at the latest. I still have some gross thick congestion that’s taking forever to get rid of, but I feel totally fine. H’s cold moved into his chest a bit and I’m very thankful that I didn’t get that part too! Hopefully you can knock it out in a few more days 🤞🏻
  • @lmcw My OB told me if they don’t call, then it’s usually a good sign that you don’t have any issues they need to address. Thick congestion sucks. It’s what I had and I could barely breathe at night and my fiancé was all worried because he wakes up to go pee and he’s like half the time I sound like I’m dying. Lots of warm fluids and soup helped me through all that. I tried to cough up as much of that phlegm as possible to try and clear it up as well if it was close to being able to spit out. 

    @wiseh Congrats on making it to your destination! I’m sure the drive wasn’t too fun. I did a 3 week road trip before and it was rough especially sleeping in the car some days. Yeah I’m not happy about the whole infusion but I guess what’s best for everyone is that I should get it done and not worry about taking the supplements. My fiancé thinks that it was partly because I was getting sick before I went to get the blood test done so maybe that’s what skewed it but regardless I’ve been sitting around that mid 8 mark for a while now. They did take the high risk off me though since they think they’ve got everything managed okay so I’m thankful for that. 
  • @ami500 thanks for the well wishes, sorry you had also been sick! and glad you don't have GD!  I'm actually sitting in the office taking that test as I type. 

    @lmcw "tall as a can of pringles" lol awwww so cute!  I haven't seen the MD but I'm a health care provider myself and there hasn't been anything they can do for me... definitely viral... just starting to feel better... in time for my glucose test (bleh).  I had the app but had problems with it on my Samsung edge... boo!

    @jacksonbears thanks for the well wishes, I'm getting there!

    And yes, yes, 100x yes to amazon delivery!!  :):p

  • @ami500 - yay for no GD! With the infusion, will it be a painful process? Hopefully it will give you peace of mind if it helps improve your iron numbers. 
    @wiseh - glad you made it to your destination! I'm sorry that you are dealing trying to fit your stuff into rooms that are already full. Are you still thinking of maybe trying to move some of it into storage with the rest of your stuff so you can have a little more space? My OB scheduled 2 more growth scans at 32 & 36 weeks so I'm definitely excited to see the baby again. 

    All of this talk about Amazon makes me feel like I need to buy something. Of course I just bought stuff over the weekend. It's scary how convenient it is! 

    It sounds like so many ladies have been sick in the last few weeks. Its nice to hear everyone is starting to feel better!
    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • Due date/W+D: 6/14; scheduled C 5/31

    Baby is the size of a(n): I cannot remember after reading everyone’s check in’s 

    Any appointments? Questions?: had an OB Monday, US Tuesday and my second GD test yesterday  

    Rants/Raves?: Babies have gained over a pound since last month. Also excited to have a final end date if they don’t come early

    How are you feeling?: large but overall not terrible

    I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for? 

    Yes to Amazon Prime as so many of you have said.

    Also warm pools bc floating and feeling weightless is amazing right now. 

    I’m also in the camp of can’t wait for warm weather. So many are sick so I hope you feel better and not putting on boots and coats would be nice as my coats don’t zip up anymore. 

  • @ami500 I am so with you! Bring on the spring weather! I love being able to go outside and play with my dog or just soak up some sun! Also congrats on passing your glucose test!!

    @jacksonbears I have a very active baby as well. She is constantly moving and it’s a bit unsettling to have her moving so much. Especially when I am doing things like driving or trying to teach. 

    Due date/W+D: June 2/ 29 weeks 4 days

    Baby is the size of a(n): an acorn squash

    Any appointments? Questions?: April 12th 

    Rants/Raves?: I am loving the warm weather! Spring is my favorite season and I love when everything turns from brown to green; it just makes me feel a little happier!

    How are you feeling?: I am feeling pretty good. Baby is getting bigger which is making me less comfortable.

    I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for? I am thankful for my husband, dog, and spring finally arriving!

  • wisehwiseh member
    Yayyyyy not high risk anymore @ami500!! The iron infusion really isn’t that bad. You might be a bit sore in the few days after (muscle sore, like you’ve been to the gym) but if you’ve been on iron supplements and they’re not making a difference then you most likely don’t absorb iron through your gut efficiently 😞 I actually had a few naps in my car a couple of times before our trip when we had no furniture but I was still sorting through the remainder of our belongings and one night I slept on the floor in my bedroom cause I didn’t finish till after midnight and didn’t want to wake my friend getting to her house. Was an experience to say the least and I’m so glad I don’t be have to do it again for another year and even then it won’t be that bad! Note to self: don’t wait 10 years before doing a clean out again! Definitely adopting a minimalist life after that ordeal 😂😂

    Yeah @Griffin5413 we’re putting it all in storage but we don’t have time before my partner goes away for work to get it there, so it’s all being crammed into other rooms in the house or put into the carport & covered with a tarp until my partnernis back at Easter time. My dad is being super difficult saying I can’t move any furniture until I fully clean out my cupboard and unpack our suitcases in there. It still has all my school stuff in it but 90% of it is my parents’ or my siblings’ stuff that has just been shoved in there so I’m being petty and anything that’s not mine I’m just taking out and leaving in the lounge room for them to deal with lol. I’m making good progress sorting through everything though so I should be able to start unpacking & moving furniture this arvo and hope to get all the big stuff moved out to the carport before my partner leaves. And a bit of a back story as to why I’m so reliant on my partner to move furniture is my dad was in a motorbike accident a couple of years ago and has a completely decimated torso (broke every rib and all bones in his upper torso in multiple places) that was not treated adequately so it calcified together and he’s still in significant pain so can’t really lift anything anymore.
  • Question for everyone...I had my 28 week appointment today.  She said my fundal measurement was small (she didn’t say how small) and is sending me in for a growth ultrasound tomorrow evening. Of course, I’m now extremely worried, because of course I worry about everything! Does anyone have experience with their measurement being small? Baby’s heart rate was fine. I’m hoping it’s just the position he is in. 
  • lmcwlmcw member
    Is anyone here still watching This Is Us and not appreciating the timing of the Kate and Toby storyline? 

    @wiseh We only went for a few days and it was totally last minute (literally booked our flights about 36 hours in advance lol) so it didn't make sense to try and also organize a night away just ourselves. We fit in a couple of day-dates and we're thinking that we'll try to go away for a long weekend somewhere that's within driving distance later this spring...we have ONE weekend in May that doesn't have anything on the calendar, so I'm thinking that our last chance! And I'm so glad you're done with that drive, but what a pain to show up to a room that's been taken over! Sorry to hear your parents can't really help you out with that...even when there's a valid reason it's still incredibly frustrating to have to deal with someone else's stuff when you weren't planning to! Don't push yourself, especially if your incision is hurting; do what you can to get settled now, get them to deal with whatever they can, and make a solid plan for when your partner is back in town. But still...not what anyone would want to move in to!

    @ami500 Yeah, I'm totally on the no news is good news line. I'm assuming they would have my results by now, so I'm guessing everything is all good. Since I was going in for the glucose testing anyways they did my Rh and a few other things at the same time so I'm guessing it's all good. And I'm totally loving clearing out this congestion...I feel like I sound like some sort of sea creature...

    @Griffin5413 They have some cute maternity clothes...just saying... ;)

    @inomniaparatus2 That warmer weather is going to need to hurry up because I'm running out of coats too! My parka is finished for this year, but unless there's a freak storm next month I'm also finished WITH it so fingers crossed!! 
  • wisehwiseh member
    Forgot to reply to you @tickledpink123! From everything I’ve read fundal height is the least accurate way to measure babies. I’m on a few fb pages for pregnant women and a lot of them are measuring either ahead or behind and are sent for growth scans which say their bubs are measuring perfectly. That being said, ultrasounds are also super inaccurate and can be out by +/-2lb in the later stage of pregnancy. 
  • @jbm925 Hopefully you passed the glucose test! 

    @Griffin5413 Not sure but judging by what @wiseh said I probably would just be sore. Depending on how I feel I may or may not take off work. I’m a caregiver and have to lift clients so it may be an issue. Won’t know til I actually get it done. I’ll ask my hematologist what he thinks too. I also second @lmcw on amazon maternity clothes. I also got nursing bras off there since my boobs have been growing and I didn’t want to buy anymore bras here. It’s got a lot of stretch so it should last me through breastfeeding. 

    @stormcloud0719 Thanks! And yes I’m totally ready for spring weather. I’ve been super sensitive to the cold and polar vortexes we’ve been getting so I’ve been cooped up inside majority of the past few months. I’m ready to be outside and get some fresh air! 

    @wiseh Oh yeah sorting through everything is a process for sure. Every time I move I always toss out things that I’ve accumulated that I should get rid of. I don’t think I’ll adopt the minimalist life anytime soon but it’s a slow start! We probably won’t be moving for a year or so depending on if we find a new home we like. At least your room has progress made! Sucks that you have to wait to clear out the nursery but you’ve still got some time to nest. I can’t imagine how all that stuff got accumulated. Well I can but that’s not the point. Thank you for the heads up on the infusion though! Still kinda worried and not looking forward to it but since the supplements aren’t being absorbed right there is nothing else I can do. I tried! 

    @lmcw I’ve only watched the first season on that show! Been meaning to go back and watch the rest of it. But I did see a bunch of spoilers because the previews came after another show I watched and I was like Noooo!! I kinda blocked it out of my memory so I have no idea what’s going on anymore. 
  • @tickledpink123 - I'm sure your ob is just being cautious. Hoping the growth scan today is perfect and it was just baby in a different position! Let us know how it goes. With my son they told me at his 36 week scan he was measuring above 7 pounds but he was born at 37 weeks weighing 6lb 10 oz and by the time we left the hospital he was only 6 pounds. 

    All of this talk about wanting warmer weather, it's already going to be 86 here next week. I'm grateful we've had a longer winter in AZ b/c its going to be 105 before I know it Hoping the rest of you enjoy getting outside though!

    @wiseh  - one room at a time! your room looks like you've made great progress! I'm sure once your partner gets back the nursery will shape up in no time. 

    @lmcw - no more maternity clothes for me! i can't even look at them. lol This is my last so I just can't even justify buying something I'm only going to wear for a few more weeks. 
    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • @tickledpink123 with my son I measured small one day in the office. They sent me to mfm the next day and the tech asked me if I had been screened for GD yet because DS was SO big. I'm sorry about the stress. Just know fundal height and us can be super unreliable .
  • Due date/W+D: June 7

    Baby is the size of a(n): length of a spaghetti noodle

    Any appointments? Questions?: Appt Monday. Going to talk about the frequency of contractions, but I’m sure it’s nothing. 

    Rants/Raves?: DH is going to do the nursery the first week of April!!

    How are you feeling?: tired!! Hoping I can get the 3 & 5 year olds sleeping through the night again soon!

    I can’t think of a GTKY so how about things your pregnant self is thankful for? The girls are super excited for a brother and Dh is picking up tons of my slack while I attempt to sleep more.

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  • lmcwlmcw member
    @wiseh Nice job on your room! Looks like it's been a ton of work, hopefully you can do some slow and steady on the nursery while your partner is away :smile:

    @ami500 I know a bunch of people who've given up on it, lost interest because the storylines sort of faltered this season...but I have trouble ditching a show midseason so I'm still keeping up with it. Maybe wait for season 3 until AFTER baby arrives...

    @Griffin5413 LOL okay fair! I've tried not to buy much, I'm very thankful that current styles are pretty loose so I haven't actually needed maternity tops yet, but this past week I realized that my regular tshirts are about as tight as I'm comfortable with so I think it's time to bite the bullet and order a few more things to get me through the spring. Amazon does also have some cute sandals...and swollen pregnant feet in June might need a cute pair of slides...(yes hi, I'm an enabler :wink: )

    @ajbook My H and I were just standing in the nursery making a list of what still needs to be done. Our crib is being delivered and set up next weekend, so once that's done we can hopefully get the rest sorted within a few weeks!
  • @wiseh @Griffin5413 @dntstpbelieveing Thanks ladies!  Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was super sick Friday and Saturday.  I did go in for my ultrasound on Friday.  I haven't heard back from the doctor yet, but the tech said he looked good and she didn't see anything to be concerned about.  She also said she really wasn't allowed to tell me much.  I'm feeling better, but still anxious for the doctor to call!
  • wisehwiseh member
    Thanks @lmcw, @Griffin5413 ! It was a heap of effort but feeling sooo much better for it! @ami500 my parents have lived in this house for over 20 years and I don't think they've ever done a clean out which is why it's gotten so bad. I spoke to my mum about how anxious I was feeling with all the clutter in the house and she said my dad is the same so they've asked me to help them sell all of the unused furniture and nick-nacks they have around the house that they don't want anymore. I'm super excited for it to be honest!

    Ahh that's such a relief @tickledpink123! I'm sure it will all be fine. I had an ultrasound and the tech also said she wasn't allowed to tell me anything & I literally freaked out thinking the absolute worst and it was all perfect! haha. 
  • @wiseh - that's great that your parents are feeling the same way too about the clutter. It may not be quite the nesting you were hoping for but it's a great step :smile:
    @lmcw - I'm just going to tell my husband that it's ok if I buy b/c you told me I could! lol 

    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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