Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Buried Penis

Hello! I feel weird even doing this but does anyone have a son who has a "buried penis"? My eight month old was not born with it but sometime after circumsision and putting on some weight his penis began to get sucked into his pubic fat pad. If I push down on it, the penis will pop out. I'm really worried. I've read that with time/slimming out/when he becomes more mobile it will go back to normal & pop out and fat pad will get smaller. Anyone have experience with this?  

Re: Buried Penis

  • Yes. My son has been top of the growth charts since about 3-4 months and his was buried for a while. He turns two this week and everything looks totally normal now that he has thinned out. I want to say it “unburied” once he hit around 14-15 months and was more mobile and lost the baby fat. As far as for now, make sure he isn’t developing any adhesions at the circ site. It should look like a “helmet.” We just unburied the penis at every diaper change and used steroid cream as needed when his circ site started to adhere. Don’t worry. It will not be like that forever. 
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