Hi Ladies, 
Heading into my 3rd IUI this month and trying to get my body in the best shape to conceive (no alcohol, cut back on caffein, taking CoQ10, prenatals, doubled dose of Letrozole, working out and staying hydrated).
A friend of mine handed me her leftover packets of Ovasitol.  It was recommended by her doctor and she swears it is what prepared her body for all of her IUIs and BFPs. 
I have what the doctors like to call "skinny" PCOS and do not have an insulin resistance.  I know it is best to ask my doctor before taking it, but I just wanted to see if anyone has experience taking it, or have even been recommended by their doctor to take it. 

Re: Ovasitol?

  • Hi @clabaughk22! My new RE told me to start taking it in preparation for my egg retrieval. I have the big canister, I take one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening. They believe I "may" have insulin resistance but it's not a fact. They still told me to take it and that it really helps :) 
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