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GTKY: Where are you from?


Re: GTKY: Where are you from?

  • I am from Massachusetts, central/western area between Worcester and Springfield
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  • gumby22cgumby22c member
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    Originally from Ohio but my H is military so we move every few years. We are currently in Georgia.
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  • I'm originally from AL but we have moved across the country several times in the last 7 years. 
  • JBos82JBos82 member
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    Connecticut, kind of in between Hartford and New Haven.

  • I’m originally from the Chicago area but we lived in Madison, WI for 4 years and now we live near Phoenix, AZ. 
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  • New York State! About 1.5 hours north of nyc. 
  • We recently just moved to metro Atlanta from South Florida. 
    Married: 12/2015
    Me: 37 - H: 39
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  • geshemgeshem member
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    I'm from a suburb of Boston, I lived in NYC/NJ for several years and recently moved to MD.
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  • Rural southwestern Pennsylvania,  Pittsburgh area.  DH and I still live in the small town we both grew up in. 
  • lived in northern Indiana until about 2 yrs ago when DH got transferred, we are now in Toledo, OH
  • kyapplbkyapplb member
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    I’m from CA and Hubby is from AZ but we live in KY. 
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  • I grew up in southeastern PA but have been living on Long Island for almost 6 years
  • @kyapplb I'm in KY too...Paducah but I'm originally from Lexington! What part of the state are you in?
  • I'm from New-Brunswick Canada :)
    Province I was born and currently live.
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  • Originally from Long Island but now living in Maryland 
  • Originally from upstate NY but live in central FL, about an hour east of Disney 
  • Western NY State.  Long, long winters, but it's my home and where family is - so I love it!
  • Former military brat, so that's complicated. Born in Ohio and that's where my family is. Lived in South Texas from age 7-14, Maryland from 14-22, Austin for 6 months, and now I've been in the Boston area for over 9 years. I claim Texas, Maryland and Ohio pretty equally but have now lived in Mass longer than anywhere else!
  • Born and raised in the Chicago area (lived in Charlotte, NC for a short time, but came back to IL). 

    @alm52386 it looks like you're the only one on here who lived in my general area at one time! I feel like such a lonely midwesterner hahaha
  • Originally from Wisconsin, but currently live in the hot, humid, miserable south. I cannot wait to move back up north. Luckily MH is on board. I seriously miss seasons...and cheese curds. 

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  • Western NY here! 
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  • **lurking from Oct BMB**

    @rmarble23 hi neighbor! I'm similarly located.
  • Brooklyn born now North Jersey girl. DH is originally from Staten Island. 
  • Grew up in Chicago but now in Texas. So I say you guys and gym shoes and everyone laughs at me.

  • bmmimsbmmims member
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    From Charlotte, NC and never left!

  • @doglover87 Western NY here as well! 
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  • I’m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  • I’m from a small town about 45 miles south of Toledo, Ohio. 
  • @babybellsmommie roll tide roll...😂

    I'm not even a football fan but I had to give you a shout out. 
  • @ejoseph16 hello friend! I am in toledo!  :)
  • New Englander living in Western Canada.

  • Canada as well!
  • @alwayseloquent what area? We are from the Northern Suburbs, near great America!

    @maythe4thbewithyou1234 in the actual city or the burbs? I also say you guys and gym shoes lol
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  • @alm52386 that's currently where I live! Grayslake/Gurnee area :)
  • mvc003mvc003 member
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    Originally from living on the West Coast in LA County 
  • @aejonesrn hi! I’m actually in north Baltimore, but I was born and raised in the holland area. 
  • Cali her. in humboldt county now,  but probably moving to the L.A./Ventura area soon. 
  • @alwayseloquent I grew up in Libertyville! My brother and sil live in Grayslake!
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  • I'm origionally from etowah county, Alabama but I now live in st.clair county alabama
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