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Boston Area - Due 2019?

Hi there! I am a  newly pregnant FTM. I don't have many friends in the area who are parents, so I'd love to connect with others who are expecting a baby this year!

Let's connect!

Due date?

A little bit about yourself?

What's your favorite thing about living in the Boston area?

My EDD is 11/2.

I live in Lynn with my husband and our cat and work in downtown Boston at a nonprofit. This will be our first child, and we're over the moon!

I love summer and fall in New England and that I can drive 3 hours in any direction and find amazing beaches, mountains, museums, restaurants, history, etc.

Re: Boston Area - Due 2019?

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    Hi! I live about an hour south of Boston with my husband, and will be a FTM as well :) I am due 7/16.
    We are both teachers and have lived in MA all our lives. Like millions of students, I went to college in Boston.
    I prefer a good old New England Winter over the humid mess we call Summer, but the best thing about Boston in the summer: Red Sox games! 
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