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GTKY: Pi Day Edition

What is your favorite kind of pie??


Re: GTKY: Pi Day Edition

  • galentinegalentine
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    I love warm apple pie a la mode. If I'm feeling extra fancy, I'll drizzle the whole plate with a little caramel sauce and sprinkle chopped walnuts on top.
  • Definitely apple pie! Now I want some!
  • @prpl11butterfly, I briefly wondered the same thing. It could go one of two ways considering we are all in 1st tri still..... but you can't pass up pi day!
  • Cherry, apple, and key lime. But @prpl11butterfly was right because now I need some pie! 😩😩😩😋😋😋
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  • cmbt2cmbt2
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    Chocolate pudding. I don’t care for pie otherwise 
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  • Aww man now I want pie. I’m going with Dutch apple pie (with the crumb topping). 
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  • Pie is alright but I love the pie crust! Someone at work just said they made Chocolate cream cheese pie (chocolate pudding, cream cheese and Cool Whip). It takes chocolate cream pie to a whole new level!

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  • Not much of a pie fan, but I love raspberry tarte...that looks kind of like a pie, right?

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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe I’m not much of a regular pie lover either.  
  • emily1052 said:
    Tonight for dinner I’m making a chicken pot pie!!  I love chicken pot pie! 
    Savory pies count too! I went to London last year and ate so many meat pies. Yum!!
  • @galentine Ooh how was your London trip? It’s my favorite place in the world and I’m always trying to get back there 

    I wasn’t thinking savory pies but I love shepherds pie. It’s my #1 comfort meal. As for sweet pies I like apple, pecan or peanut butter 
  • @melanier26, I LOVED London!! We did a few days there and then a few days in Paris. My husband and I both enjoyed London more than we expected too, and after the trip we agreed we could have spent a few more days in London and a fewer in Paris. I'd love to go back and explore some more of England. It was so lovely and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  • Pumpkin, blueberry, French silk, Tourtiere (Quebecois pork pie) - I mean, I love sweets, so honestly kind of any dessert pie, and generally savory pies, too, but I am super picky about cuts of meat, so sometimes that plays a factor.
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  • Savory pies. So maybe a pie with chicken and apple and onion and potato and gravy. Mmmmm.
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  • Not a big fan of cooked fruits in pie. But I do like key lime, coconut cream, pecan, pumpkin, and cobbler (if the fruit is super stewed). There was also this lemon cake pie that I had when I was PG with DS at Marie Callendar's that was Ah-MAZING!! I have not seen it since and would kill to have a slice.
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  • I can't decide whether the savories or the sweets are better. For savory, chicken pot pie and shepherd's pie are both serious comfort food for me and I make a kick*ss version of both. Sweet favorites would be pecan, pumpkin (with soooo much whip cream), key lime and Dutch apple a la mode. Yummm!
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  • @galentine you hit the nail on the head for me! Apple pie a la mode 😍 My FIL told us last night that his work was doing a pie competition today for pi day... so jealous of all the pie tasting he’s going to be doing! 

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  • egb428egb428
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    Pumpkin all day long! Chicken pot pie is also delicious. 
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  • I can't choose LOL. For a good fruit pie I love strawberry and peach. I love chocolate or key lime for a creamy pie. Pumpkin pie is in the top as well. 

    A good chicken pot pie is my favorite savory
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  • OMG how did I forget strawberry rhubarb? Definitely my #1
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  • @meagan-t, your H wins best husband of the day!! 🥧
  • @galentine Awe. I'll have to tell him that! I know how incredibly blessed I am to have him. He's a great husband!
  • dogmom5dogmom5
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    Warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream on top 😋😋😋
  • My favorite store bought pie is pumpkin, however when making my own it's FRESH cherry pie with local Bing cherries 🍒😍 it's soooo amazing and I really wish cherries were in season right now...

    I'll be celebrating pi day with a nice ol' frozen pizza pie for lunch today lol
  • Chocolate cream and Pumpkin!  Both with fresh whipped cream 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • peanut butter pie!
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  • Boston creme.  Might be more of a cake.  If that doesn’t count, then coconut cream.  I love pie though, I’ll take almost any (not really a cobbler fan though.
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    This is literally the worst day to admit it but I’m sooo not a pie fan. Fruit tarts are the only way I like my pastries combining with fruit. Although my mom makes a delicious chocolate pie and my nesting partner makes an amazing pumpkin pie. He’s converted me to the ways of pumpkin pie, but only when it’s drowning in whipped cream
  • Strawberry rhubarb pie might be my favorite dessert ever. 🍓 
  • Chocolate pudding pie with fresh-made whipped cream is my favorite. I also really like pumpkin, apple and strawberry rhubarb. Man, now I want pie!!
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  • peanut butter pie!
    Oooh I forgot about that! Another favorite!
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  • I don't think there's a pie I wouldn't like.  I much prefer pie over cake.  Key lime, lemon, coconut cream, pecan, apple are some of my favs.
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  • Late to the party, but definitely key lime. I have some in the fridge right now! 😂
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